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  1. Is this a common problem then. ? Hoping it is just a hose.
  2. Just thaught id say hi, My names Rich from southampton and im currently driving a fiesta 2006 1.6 tdci zetec S. I have some problems with it that i need advice with, Wheres the best place to post it on the forum. ? Thanks and once again Hi . :)
  3. Hi everyone, Ive just purchased a fiesta tdci 1.6 zetec 6 about a week ago, And have had nothing but problems with it, I got all the injector seals replaced by Hendy ford in eastleigh southampton. And they also told me the glow plugs need replacing as this come up on the diag. However driving it last night the car felt like it went into limp mode but with NO LIGHTS on th dash. I pulled over opened the bonnett and the rubber hose/pipe coming from the bottom of the intercooler in to the turbo (i think ) was getting sucked in flat when the car was reved. Its the top part of the pipe going into something under the air box i think. Has anyone hear of this problem befor. I was thinking, 1.week hose and needs replacing. 2.blocked inter cooler 3. turbos Sh***d and needs replacing. The turbo does sound ok etc and i can hear it working. When the hose is sucked in there smoke what comes from exhaust and wont rev above 2000 rpm. Please help.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Richo0 :)