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  1. Huddersfielder

    Headgasket failure on the 1L Ecoboost

    Ah fair does pal i get you Well you wont be disappointed with the car lad, awesome little engine, i drove a 100ps Zetec model before i bought mine and was smitten. Then decided to get the 140 version because im greedy!
  2. Huddersfielder

    Headgasket failure on the 1L Ecoboost

    Well, i totally get your reservations for holding off buying one yet bud. I did the same on a mini cooper s 2007 plate because id heard of some issues around 60,000 miles where there were major issues with head gaskets and bottom ends going etc! Did a lot of research and decided against it purely because i didnt want to have to commit to a car which i knew would ***** itself (potentially) in x amount of miles. All i'll say in this case though, i've heard and seen less issues with the 1.0 than i did with the mini! have you seen one you fancy yet or you still looking around? Ideally id say buy from a dealer just for some peace of mind.
  3. Huddersfielder

    best fiesta colour

    That's lovely mate
  4. Huddersfielder

    best fiesta colour

    Nice is that bud! This is mine before it got dirty after 2 days 😑
  5. Huddersfielder

    Headgasket failure on the 1L Ecoboost

    Hi Matt, So far i've not heard of anything post 2014 (i think!?) engines, however i have read a lot recently on the earlier engines but what only seems to be in the Focus. Not seen anything for the fiesta yet, but that doesn't mean there are none! It's always enevitable that there will be the odd failure here there and everywhere, it's still a relatively newish engine i suppose. Are you looking to buy one with the 1.0L engine?
  6. Huddersfielder

    MK7.5 Spoiler Extension

    Hi Pal, I'd seen one on SI-CO developments website and just had a look now, and again its a Maxton one. However, looks a bit more OEM compared to that link you put on!
  7. Huddersfielder

    best fiesta colour

    Deep Impact Blue was the colour i was going to go for on mine, however i fell in love with the 'Magnetic' Grey colour. Sometimes i do wish i'd gone for the blue just because it wears the Zetec S/ST Line much nicer.
  8. Huddersfielder

    K&N Filter for 1.0 EcoBoost

    Just jumping on this one guys, I bought a R Sport kit from pumaspeed which is the hard induction pipe and cone filter. Drove car and took it off after 2 days. MPG was difficult to get above 30 and it lacked response. However, to get the best from one of these you need a decent cold air feed and in some cases a good way of keeping the engine bay heat away from the filter, both of which i didn't do so it's my own fault. Sounded really good though!!!! Going to go down the Panel filter route now again, Green Cotton was always good to use in my old Puma 1.7 :D
  9. Huddersfielder

    Things I Don't Like

    I've literally just picked up a Fiesta ST line 1.0 Ecoboost (140bhp) and i can honestly say it's one of the nippiest cars I've ever driven and so far economy wise it's been spot on. If I drive like miss daisy, I can get about 40mpg around town, and motorway journey on Monday I hit 55mpg. (Not for long mind you....) i struggle to imagine them in a Mondeo or the focus with lower output engines!!!
  10. Huddersfielder

    Things I Don't Like

    It probably won't have helped!
  11. Huddersfielder

    Things I Don't Like

    Hmmmm does it almost feel like your knee cap is dislodged? i get it sometimes, doctor says it's tendinitis. Horrible bud I feel for you!
  12. Huddersfielder

    Things I Don't Like

    I've had quite a few other issues with mine, thumbnails not working, freezing, loss of sound. It'll get better I'm sure, i can see the massive potential it has though!
  13. Huddersfielder

    What do people do for work?

    Work for the regional water authority, turning poo into power!!!!
  14. Huddersfielder

    Things I Don't Like

    So glad I found this thread! i don't like this flu virus thing I've got at the minute i don't like sky q how it likes to break all the time
  15. Has anyone else had a problem with trying to open up the fuel filer housing to change the filter?? I for the love of god cannot open it up and I'm applying lots of pressure to it. I gave up on it today in fear of destroying it! Surely it should not be this tight!?! I do have a feeling that ford dealer who did the services previously had the same issue too and left it! Don't really know what to do now other than change the whole housing, Any advice appreciated as always! :)