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  1. Central Locking Prob Mk6 Fiesta

    Well I followed what it said in the owners manual Turn the key from pos 0 to 2 (so dashboard lights light up) four time with in 6 seconds and when you turn it back to 0 from the fourth time the car should beep the just press any key on the fob and that's it programmed then wait 10 seconds for the car to exit programme mode and try the fob out Or just follow this link as it's got the instructions for most ford fobs http://www.onlinekeycutting.com/Ford-Key-Programming.html Regards
  2. Central Locking Prob Mk6 Fiesta

    i got the new fob ,programmed it and its all working great ,so the old fob was dying/died so at least i know what to look out for next time (hopefully this wont happen again fingers crossed lol)
  3. Central Locking Prob Mk6 Fiesta

    i tried to reprogramme the fob but it did not seam to work car beeped first time but did not when key pressed on the fob (tried this seveal time) but the fob did not take but while leaving the ignition switched on suddenly the doors unlocked ,so at least i was able to swap the key lock cover back to the normal one .I have orded a new fob off onlinekeycutting.com they even have the instructions for reprograming the keys ,which is handy so fingers crossed its just a duff fob thanks
  4. Hi I'm having a bit of trouble with my mk 6.5 fiesta 1.25 zetec I put a new battery in the remote fob a few days ago and it opened and unlocked the car no problem .went out to the car this morning to go to work and pressing the fob would not unlock the car I could open the boot with the key and get in via the boot (unable to open via the drivers side lock as it was given the delock look so may have to get a drill out to uncover the lock)I can start the car but trying the door handle it still won't open the doors ,just hoping someone got some ideas what I can do to at least to open the doors as it's not too good getting in and out via the boot Regards
  5. my fiesta

    my mk6 fiesta zetec
  6. Hi there Ive just put in a Ford Sony cd3xx -cd6 in my fiesta mk6 and it shows unconfigured when turned on ,radio works and cd works ,any ideas how to configure it etc ( i think it may have bluetooth)
  7. Hi there i've just brought a ford sony cd cd3xx model but im not sure how you input the radio unlock code many thanks
  8. hello all :-)

    Hi All just thought i would say hello im from surrey Just got my self a mk6 Fiesta zetec 1.25, its been a long time since ive had a ford must say they are nice to drive (even with the odd rattle lol) loving the forum