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  1. First of all thanks for the help to date, I can get the Air bag out OK. There is no rattle or anything loose in the assembly when I shake it. My Airbag is for 2003 fusion and has 2 wiring plugs at the back,one green and the other Black. A good friend has given me a Fusion replacement airbag to try out if I wish, but its only got a single back plug at the back.2005 ??? Would it be a problem if I tried it out should the tapping still persist. Thanks again. John.
  2. Thanks Guys, I had thought of making up a form of stethoscope to listen while driving. It does not happen on smooth roads and is not a metallic tap, more like shaking an item in a plastic container,there is nothing at the upper end of the steering column area that's loose. It just Bl--dy tantalizing.and I will not give up a until I find out was what it is. John.
  3. Many thanks for the advice. I followed thye instructions given to the letter and also the Haynes manual method using a small screw driver.. Neither way would the springs move to release/airbag unit. I can see the curled top of the spring ? using a mirror and its really tantilising as Iam becoming an expert at removing the surrounding panels for easy access. :). Perhaps I pushing in the wrong direct but I have tried variants. Sorry to be a pain but I would like to solve this problem. ATB, John.
  4. I have an annoying tapping/knock from the steering wheel airbag container. It only happens on rough road surfaces. I have removed the surrounding panels without a problem. I need advice on how to remove the centre assembly from the steering wheel to locate the offending part thats tapping. Thanks,John.Bristol.UK.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums JBM :)