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  1. Rust

    Oh and I'd wait till we have had a week of warm dry weather otherwise you will be sealing moisture in the metal.
  2. Rust

    Chip off the paint with a knife rub down the worst of it. If its a tiny patch use the tip of the knife so you don't damage the good paint around it. Quick dab of kurust to slow the rust down and touch up paint. You will probably have to repeat regularly as its a ford and the rust is all part of the fun.
  3. I have modified mine with a predator gear knob and an aftermarket stereo. Not what you mean I suppose ha ha.
  4. Well thanks for the plethora of responses. If it shed's any light on things it fires and cut's out first 2 attempts and catches on the 3rd.
  5. Front Spotlights - 2004 Ka Sport

    You think you got it bad. The turnip that owned my sportka before me changed the radio and threw away the switch.
  6. The problem was there before the service. I just thought New plugs oil etc might have solved the problem but it didn't.
  7. A question for my first proper post. Hope that's ok. When cold my 04 sportka won't start unless I thrash the engine it won't hold tick over and cuts out. It eventually holds. This only happens when overnight cold. If I leave it a few hours it starts fine. It had full service yesterday. Any ideas guys
  8. Hi I've just got a sportka and have a few niggles to iron out. It's a lovely car and drives well. I'll be asking a few questions Here's me little smoker. Ha ha
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums m4tth3w :)