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  1. Well.....where to start?. First of all DO NOT BUY A NEW TURBO!!! Ford will always try to sell you it needs a new one! After nobody managed to find the correct cause of this fault, I purchased a turbo cleane called Revive, very effective. In my opinion the problem is a sensor that does not allow the combustion to be correct, and therefore produces a lot of dirt that goes onto the turbo. Since I cleaned the turbo, once a week or so I give it a good thrust(as it is my wife's car and is only used for short runs). Once the turbo is activated 2-2.5k rpm. A lot of smoke comes out, cleaning the turbo vanes. Since I've been doing this, I never had the fault anymore. I hope it helps.
  2. Thanks Jeebowhite. Any chances of sending me a link to purchase the modified ELM cable with Switch??. Regards
  3. Hi Jeebowhite, No clear code errors found. I would be surprised if I replaced the turbo and the replacement ha exactly the same issue!! I will ring them though!! Could it be that the issue is with something else that is allowing to much dirt into the turbo and hence allowing the vanes to stick!! Just a thought!. Maybe a flow sensor, or something else! Thanks
  4. Hi, A few months back my S-Max started developing a fault where complete boost would be lost. The Engine malfunction message would come up on the dash board together with the skid marks light. Once the car was stopped and started again the car would be back to normal. I was told by a couple of garages, including Ford Dealer that it required a new turbo, because the vanes were sticking. And I did!! I purchased a refurbished turbo and had it installed. The car run perfectly for the first 2-3 months, but the light, message and skid marks light came back on today. Any ideas??. I am intending to do a very long trip and I am now getting scared of something going wrong. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have tried the actuator sensor and I am trying the MAP sensor this weekend. I am also thinking of using Turbo cleaner for the sticky vanes someone mentioned before. I will check for leaks also. Wish me luck. :D
  6. Hi My 57 plate S-Max 2.0 TDci has started to develop a fault where the boost of the turbo is completely gone. This happens ramdomly, but lately I am noticing it comes often on hills, the message on the dashboard is "Engine mulfunction", and the traction control light is also on. As soon as the car is turned off and back on the car returns to full operating mode, with no issues, until the fault re-occurs, which could be next day or two weeks later. I have been told different things by different garages, from ( Mmmmm, you need a new turbo, too it is probably the air pressure sensor). The message on the diagnostic computer said " Turbocharger/Supercharger Boost control A position exceeded learning limit ". Any ideas??. I do not want to change the turbo if the turbo isn't the problem. I have changed the actuator sendor with no luck too. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Fornelo :)