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  1. Shift Indicator

    Managed to get out last night in car and revved it enough to get the light on Thanks for the help How's everybody's fuel consumption and mpg going? High as ford suggested
  2. Shift Indicator

    Cheers thanks, This snows stopping me getting out init
  3. Shift Indicator

    Hi I was just Abit worried it isn't working, I joined the motorway as normal but haven't over revved it as such just suprised I haven't seen it yet I assume in the new models it comes on in between the rev and speedo in the 'hatch' bit Cheers Josh
  4. Shift Indicator

    Ahh right, suppose that's good then, il keep a eye out for it and rev Abit higher to check
  5. Shift Indicator

    Thank you, il look into it I can't see it being a fault just driver error Cheers!
  6. Shift Indicator

    Morning all, I've purshaced a 1.0 ecoboost 100ps zetec,I was under the impression that when I was driving along I would get a shift indicator for up and down gears I'm yet to see it come on, is it something that wouldn't be standard or just turned off? I've looked in the manual and it is there on pg65 Help appreciated Cheers!
  7. Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 2013

    Evening all, First post, picked up my new ecoboost 1.0 100ps today in zetec, quick question I was under the impression when driving along I would revive notifications in the form of a arrow telling me to shift up down for fuel consumption Is it something that's not standard on mine or Is it turned off, going to have a glance in book tomorrow Cheers
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Eggy1990 :)