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  1. Zetec S Skirt Cap - Missing Help

  2. Newbie Dropping By

    HI All Just thought i'd say hi. Had a White MK7ZS for the last 4 month and overall all quite happy with it. Had a few subtle mods wind deflectors dmb overlays and a change of bulb. Got some plans in mind but also looking for inspiration also. Previouly had a Lexus IS200, a MK5 Fiesta, 2 Fiat Puntos and a MK1 Focus. Didnt change from the Lexus to Fiesta by choice some black ice enforced this change but havent been able the Fiesta so far. So yeah thats it not really anything else to say.
  3. Zetec S Skirt Cap - Missing Help

    Hi people Sorry to raise an old thread but doesnt anyone know where I can get the plastic push rivet from or a part number. I have bought the trim from Ford but my local dealer couldnt give the plastic rivet part as by the looks of it from there system it had to be purchased as part of a full kit at a cost of about £22. Also there is 2 metal clip type things ive noticed on a picture above that goon the inside of the trim would i need these as well and if so where can i get them. Any info grealty appreciated as im getting tired of driving on incomplete car around.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Macca194 :)