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  1. Focus 1.8Tdci Zetec. Faults!

    Lol no probs I'll have a go at it anyway. Shouldn't be too difficult to change just the bleeding part that will wind me up. Haha. Cheers for the reply
  2. Focus 1.8Tdci Zetec. Faults!

    Oh and John revs are matching the acceleration rate. So no issue there. And the sound is very much like a wheel bearing needs tightening or changing
  3. Focus 1.8Tdci Zetec. Faults!

    Done just over 82k I bought it 7months ago with 78k. It's not too bad I've had a little play on the A229 to see if the power was there and bugger me 5 O showed up. Haha. I'll try it another day but I'm sure the power loss in high ranges only. I'm going to give the car a proper full service next month as I'm sure the garage only told me they did to get rid of the car but it needs a lot. If I change the fuel filter will that give me more power and better mpg?
  4. Focus 1.8Tdci Zetec. Faults!

    Thanks for the info I will get it all checked out and get back to you
  5. I bought my focus approx 7 months ago, when I bought it I noticed the drivers side front tyre had a lot more wear and tear than all other tyres. When I asked them about it they said they'll change the tyre, which they did. They explained that there was a whirring sound but they couldn't point out where it came from. Said the wheel bearings were fine. This whirring sound is ongoing and has been the whole time I've had the car. It only ever kicks in when I'm driving over 30mph and gets louder the faster I go. They said they'd given it a full service and mot before I bought it but yet still had to have a new water pump fitted as there was a leak. I then had to change the turbo pipe myself as it had split and warning lights came on. The pipe was easy enough to fit and has been fine since. I have recently noticed a power loss in the car. Not necessarily in pulling away but more in the higher gears 3rd plus. Anyone have any ideas about any of these mysterious faults??? Any help is appreciated Aaron
  6. Me

    Thank you I think you're probably right with fuel filter or the valve. Plus I have a whirring sound that kicks in after approx 30mph anything above and it gets louder. Any ideas?
  7. Me

    Hello, I'm Aaron from Kent. I have a 57 plate Ford Focus 1.8tdci. I have a lot of questions about my baby and why it's not doing what it's supposed to. But plenty of time to query. Nice to meet you guys
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums SpamAz :)

    1. SpamAz


      Thanks Steve. I'm new to all this kinda thing but I have a lot of questions