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  1. Hi inath I hope you didn't forget to check the part number ending on EP ?Kind regards
  2. Thanks again inath, i saw this advert too but seller doesent offer international postage :( Im from Denmark Kind regards
  3. Cheers inath, you just made me sad panda :) what do you think abouit this: http://www.ebay.it/itm/Modulo-bluetooth-Novero-RX-42-mod-8M5T-19C112-EP-con-USB-origininale-Ford-/121091829046?pt=Altro_Car_Audio&hash=item1c31a2ad36 will it work properly I might snipe it while im here ;) Thanks in advance Kind regards
  4. I tried to find an adapter or cable in the local shops to give it a try but i failed... Tomo I'm leaving to Milan for a week. I ordered cable online so hopefully it will arrive when i come back. Kind regards
  5. Cheers, well i was really suspicious. I bought the car from the showroom. I was looking at some catalogs there and was written that for this version "trend" there should be an usb connection too but there isn't so i asked them and they said that the catalog is wrong. oO I wont be surprised if i dont need IDS update.. Hmm but another thing makes me a bit confused, when i tried to play music via bluetooth i was unable. P.S. I wonder what inath thinks bout it as pro expert ;) Kind regards
  6. Ehm I was suspecting that ford have made something strange and guess what i removed the panel under the glove box and guess what ive found TREASURE! I guess I will need only the usb cable and IDS update? Kind regards
  7. Hi guys i've been looking for a module for a while and unfortunately on ebay are models with this number: 8M5T-19G488 for example Do you have any idea if they are going to work? I tried to find modules with our scrapies but unfortunately they had no clue about it... and they advised me to contact my dealer. I did it and guess what I ROFLed big time. They said that they will have to replace the whole stereo system to make it work with usb... Sadly this is the 2nd time they make me lough at them. The previous time was when i had problems with the front suspension bushes and etc. Their way to fix it was to grease all bushes and bolts over the dust protectors . I drove the car 5times to the workshop and 5times they confirmed the car is repaired, which was a big fat lie. So I went to another mechanic who replace what was needed to be replaced like suspension arms, stabilizers, antirollbar bushes, top strut mountings and friction bearings. All of those items were soft as cheese. Then I gave the bill to the dealer and i got my money with their apologies... Sorry for offtopic P.S. I'm from Denmark, dealer is Andersenford A/S. Stay away from them! Car is still in guarantee till end of may this year ;) P.S.S I'm also struggling to find theese Thank you in advance Kind regards
  8. Hi guys I've got some troubles streaming music from my iPhone 5 on my car stereo via Bluetooth. Devices are paired phone calls work fine also nav guidance but I can't make the music player to work. Bluetooth ver is without USB on fiesta mk7 2011. Thank you in advance. Kind regards. PS I've read that I've got to see bt icon on the music player but its not happening. I've got the latest iOS.
  9. New Stereo Released!

    Hi FOC members, I just made an inquiry bout this product, it looks quite awesome. I'll post more info when i get answer from them. Looking forward adding it to my sh**esta BR.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums SimBeam :)