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  1. Creaking Noise When Turning

    Thanks for the responses guys - is the greasing something I can do myself or am I best taking it in to a garage where I assume it wouldn't cost much at all? I don't have a jack and I assume I would need that, at least...
  2. Creaking Noise When Turning

    Hi guys, Over the past few months my 2002 Focus has developed a creaking noise that's seemingly coming from the front-end. It happens mainly while setting off and turning at the same time (I do a U-turn immediately when driving away, at home) but I can still hear it to a much lesser degree when driving normally, sub 20mph. It sounds horrendous when turning. I did however, test a theory that something was dry. I set off about an hour after it rained and lo-and-behold, no creaking at all ! The only problem is I don't know what exactly it is, and I don't have the technical skill to solve this myself. The best description I can think of is that it sounds like walking over old wooden floorboards, but it's much more of a rapid sound. My brother is a mechanic however I have troubled him a lot recently with this car, and combined with his poor health, I don't want to bother him with something that clearly isn't dangerous, merely *very* annoying. So, I'd rather fix this myself, if possible. I know a good garage that won't attempt to rip me off though I'd like to know roughly what's wrong before going... Thanks for any help! :D
  3. Hi guys - I'm curious about the MPG I can expect from this engine when cruising at a steady 60, I understand it won't be anywhere near as good as the 1.6 but I'd rather have the extra power when scooting about. I'll only be doing one or two long trips a month but nevertheless, I'm wondering what I can expect from it.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums flibble22 :)