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  1. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    liking the mountune flaps and will tie in with the rest
  2. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    loving the auto boot opening
  3. b4zz

    Tommy's Fiesta '06 Project

    looks a nice tidy example you got there fella
  4. b4zz

    Black Edition Ecoboost

    looks a nice fiesta you got and like the subtle changes you have made. look forward to any more updates you make on the car
  5. liking the sound of the plans and cant wait to see some pics Friday fella.
  6. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    wow stuning enough said
  7. thought it was sea grey my bad. with it being black you may not notice the carbon look much. could you buy colour coded door handles. door strips and mirror covers as they would make a big difference to your car.
  8. still loving the look of the st wheel in orange. loving coilovers too
  9. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    that's cool and I understand where your coming from. liking the real carbon door handle trims.
  10. thank you for the positive comment its much appreciated. Your right about the mirror caps. I think a carbon fibre wrap would go well with the sea grey colour of your car
  11. bet you were gutted as they would have been nice.
  12. cheers for the positive comments guys. I was not to sure at first as once they are in there is no turning back lol but glad I did go for it. yunii they cost me £170 all in and I thought that was a good price if I have any trouble all I got to do is connect the guy that done them and he will sort it out. managed to fit my carbon look mirror covers from paint modz.just before it rained again. just got to fit the washer jets now
  13. got my vents fitted sunday and must say I am pleased with how they look. all so was in the right place at the right time and got me one of these.