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  1. liking the red calipers dude stands out well with the colour of the car I would gloss them myself. not sure about tinting the fog lights. you could always just buy some tint film that way if your stoped you can just peel it off just a thought
  2. think I like the dash mate and like the idea of it stopping the sun light affecting your view
  3. cheers dude make it all worth while. think that's about it for now until I see something else haha
  4. none what so ever even the fm stacions all work fine
  5. looking good and look forward to seeing the video
  6. looking good so far and look forward to seeing more updates as the car move along
  7. look forward to seeing a update over the weekend mate
  8. ok no probs. no it has just sat over the top. assume you are going to wrap the roof gloss black? look forward to seeing pictures of it when done.
  9. the red pin strip looks good mate
  10. cheers for the replys guys much appreciated. Darren-mk8 yes very easy. just unscrewed the original antenna and then you are supplied 2 different size like screws. pick witch one fits in the hole then attach the new aerial wire and the place the shark fin over the original aerial base job done. the new aerial base comes with very sticky 3m tape on it. would highly recommend getting one and the colour is spot on.
  11. look forward to seeing the exhaust fitted and will sound sweet too.
  12. quick update again. got my self a colour coded shark fin from paintmodz and changed my induction pipes. Went over to the isle of white for the takeover and wow what a show enjoyed it that much I will be going back next year. toke a few good pictures of my car while I was there.
  13. defo sounds like your going to be a buy man haha. might have a look on ebay for some pin striping myself.
  14. looks good with out the rear wiper