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  1. looking sweet mate and loving the gold wheels
  2. loving the splitter. im in the same boat my car I use for shows and its my daily want to lower it but talk my self out as I have a splitter and don't want to be going over speed bumps doing 5mph as it is I slow down to go over them just incase it catches. lowered cars do look better but can also be a pain if lowered to much
  3. thank you very much for all the help guys its much appreciated and thought some one on here would know what it was. thank you again guys
  4. ok cheers for the help tom its much appreciated so I assume I can run the car with out the piggy back fuse adapter in with out any isues it will just mean my dash cam wount work but I can use the usb port for that in the car
  5. cant remember how much the vents cost but if you message nick wiley on facebook hes your man for vent fitting but bare in mind he is busy as he goes all over the country fitting them.
  6. As title after having a look at the fuses all seem fine I came across this wire that is pluged into where the 20amp fuse goes to run the lighter. Unpluged said wire inserted a fuse and the lighters work fine but put that wire back and nothing so anybody have any idea what it is/could be for please as its annoying me. thank you in advance for any help/reply.
  7. liking the red calipers dude stands out well with the colour of the car I would gloss them myself. not sure about tinting the fog lights. you could always just buy some tint film that way if your stoped you can just peel it off just a thought
  8. think I like the dash mate and like the idea of it stopping the sun light affecting your view
  9. cheers dude make it all worth while. think that's about it for now until I see something else haha
  10. none what so ever even the fm stacions all work fine
  11. looking good and look forward to seeing the video
  12. looking good so far and look forward to seeing more updates as the car move along
  13. look forward to seeing a update over the weekend mate
  14. ok no probs. no it has just sat over the top. assume you are going to wrap the roof gloss black? look forward to seeing pictures of it when done.
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