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  1. b4zz

    RS Front Bumper swap on Titanium MK3.5

    as in old bumper of a bolt on the rs bumper
  2. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    good to hear the ac was a easy fix mate and didnt cost anything to repair. strange how the rev counter fixed itself you must have kit from night rider lol
  3. b4zz

    My MK7 Fiesta

    look forward to seeing the update end of august beginning of September then
  4. b4zz

    RS Front Bumper swap on Titanium MK3.5

    liking that and was it a straight swap
  5. b4zz

    My MK7 Fiesta

    loving the tint on the lights fella and loving the changing ambient lights. like the sound of the other mods planed
  6. no the zetec-s splitter will not fit your standard bumper but if you click on this link https://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/body-kits/ford/ford-fiesta/ford-fiesta-mk-7/ford-fiesta-mk-7-standard-zetec?product_id=1495 from Maxton design that splitter will fit straight on to your standard front bumper and it comes with every thing you need. They are great quality as I bought one for my standard focus bumper and even put it on my self. hope that helps. delivery is quick too
  7. loving the estate fella and liking the things you have changed so far
  8. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    looks very clean in the pics. yea not bad going for the miles you have done and only 2 things braking mate. liking the blue rs badges
  9. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    thought it was you car I spotted and had a good look around it must say you have done a great job on it and the rear lights blend in well. as long as your happy with the car that's all that matters. my god was it hot yesterday the sun cream was defo the order of the day. think ford fair must have sorted the traffic out from last year as I got straight in with no traffic jam and straight out with no traffic jam. really in enjoyed the show again this bring on next year and I may have another car.
  10. loving the updates fella and the car is looking good
  11. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    liking the wheel fella and as said will have to get a pair of driving gloves so it stays clean lol. like the engine bay but again as said miss the splash of clolour like you had in the st engine bay
  12. good to hear mrs p loves it at least you were prepared to maybe come across a few problems so not so much of a shock when it does happen. look forward to seeing more up dates on fanta
  13. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    ok cheers for that mine must be the same then will have a good look when I recive them. just need too save for the car now ha ha
  14. you haven't had much luck with Fanta so far fella but hopefully once you have changed the parts all will be good and mrs p can enjoy the car and the sound of the five pot
  15. b4zz

    My MK7 Fiesta

    sounds like a good plan as it is now working you don't want to have it break again lol