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  1. looking good and looks like the steering wheel wheel came up good.
  2. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    loving the new part fella and the air freshener is a bonus lol
  3. b4zz

    Ford Focus mk4

    not difference as you say between them really
  4. don't panick peeps my rear wiper has gone to paint modz to go gloss black and also waiting on a few engine cover to come back from there too
  5. yea will do mate. yea I like the colour too really pops when the sun is on it.
  6. Hi all thought I would start a new build thread as I part exchanged my mk2.5 ford focus for a mk3.5 st line with privacy glass and the 18inch wheels. must say im loving it . Here are a few pics of what I have done so far climair wind deflectors, de-tangoed side indicators. red smoked L E D rear lights, set of rally flapz, panther black mirror caps, panther black washer jets plan number plates as it had dealer ones on it also changed my head light bulbs for ceuk main and full beam just got to change the fog bulbs at some point and put de-tangoed the front head lights. I have also got a few other parts wating to go on but don't think I will be adding these until the spring. Have booked my self in for a set of bonnet vents on the 2nd of December with nick wiley they wount be to every ones taste but I think they will look good will add pics when they are done. still not to sure about the rear lights but will keep them on at the minute until I make my mind up lol might go back to standard rears with chrome indicator bulbs to get rid of the fried egg look will get a full size pic of the car at some point today.
  7. yea will hopefully get a new build thread going over the weekend so keep a look out
  8. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    loving the carbon fibre touches fella and this is coming along great
  9. still looking as good as ever mate and well done for reaching that mile stone. I got to start a new build thred as my focus has gone and been replaced with a mk3 st line that im loving.
  10. loving the colour on the wheels wily suits the car well imo
  11. b4zz

    RS Front Bumper swap on Titanium MK3.5

    look forward to seeing the rear with the rs bumper fitted fella
  12. the zs seats are looking good and bet they are more supportive than the standard ones.
  13. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    liking the rs carbon gel badges for the spoiler. cant beat a clean car before you go away. I done the same thing with mine before I went on holiday
  14. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    that carbon rs spoiler looks a bit marmite to me can see why you wernt to keen on it. enjoy your week away and look forward to the update when you get back.