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  1. that's good to hear that you think it just fell off thought they way you said that some scum bag had pinched it. hope you get it sorted out soon
  2. cheers dan p and yes I agree. will be giving it a wash tomorrow ready for a show im attending on Monday so will see if I can get a full front on picture.
  3. liking the brows dude agree with you on making the front end look mean. might see if anybody makes the headlight brows for the mk3.5 focus
  4. look forward to the update mate. good to hear you are keeping the fez
  5. nothing wrong with given your pipe a good polishing lol. Looks a nice mondeo you got the cleaning is coming along great. Any pics of the painted chrome at the front?
  6. good to hear Fanta flew the m.o.t mate. what a bugger about the exhaust assume when you say went missing some light fingered person removed it? Will cross my fingers that the guy you know can find his for you most likely better off going for aftermarket at the price you have been told for a standard replacement. I have never been able to work out how insurance works out
  7. quick update time again finally got the Maxton design front splitter on and what a difference to the front end. sorry no before pictures but im sure you all know what the front end of a st-line focus looks like. Still waiting for my standard rear lights and 3rd brake light to come back from the body shop once I have them I will get some pics up that will be about all I will be doing as happy with the overall look of the car now. As all ways feel free to post up your comments. Going over to the isle of white in may for the ford takeover show they have once a year first time attending and look forward to it. Hopefully will get a few good pictures of my car while over there and will post them up in here
  8. that was good timing then fella. look forward to the update over the weekend
  9. got to admit I do love my wheels and the ford magnetic grey really does pop in the sun
  10. that looks a nice clean focus you got and look forward to seeing the updates
  11. still looking good mate and love what you have done it all ties in to make one great looking car you got
  12. will look forward to the update next weekend mate. might have a go at tinting my wing mirror indicators at some point
  13. i did think about other colour wheels but glad I did go for silver now as don't think any other colour wheels would suite the paint colour of the car. I have had a few people take a second look thinking it is a rs haha if only I could afford to run one. will hopefully be fitting the Maxton design splitter on Friday as im not working so will update Saturday at some point
  14. here is the best side on picture I can get
  15. good to hear you enjoyed your first time at a track must say I do enjoy seeing everyone going around the track really enjoy the drifting demo castle combe put on. Cant recall seeing your car will have to keep my eyes open next time. I am back at castle combe the end of the month for the pure ford show so if you are there then I keep keep a extra eye out for your car. loving the pin stripping breaks all the black up nice.