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  1. sounds like a good plan and if you think you can do it go for it . wouldent want to try iy myself as im useless with d.i.y probley cover myself in carbon wrap ha ha.
  2. zian611 cgeers for the comment dident want the clear part of the light to dark and think I have got it just right. yea very pleased with the dipped parts very good workmanship and have made a big difference to the interior. tdcist very well worth the money and doing imo and better still if you can exchange your current parts.
  3. cheers guys much appreciated. think I will just leave it at that for now lol.
  4. sorry for the delay peeps but here is the update with pics. as always feel free to comment good or bad. the rear tinted indicator is not as dark as it looks in the pics. have added a rear before the exhaust but its the very last pic doh lol very happy with the sound on the exhaust got a nice burble too it. will try and get a video over the weekend. still got a front splitter and a rear spoiler lip to add hopefully before my first show the end of march. once I have done them I will up date again with pics. very pleased with the carbon dipped centre console panels from paint modz as they have made a big difference to the interior and tie in the door handle covers well. will hopefully give the car a good wash and wax tomorrow so will get some full size pics up.
  5. should hopefully be getting the car back tomorrow morning so should have a update in the afternoon with pics.
  6. b4zz

    N600 ST

    most proberley down to money.
  7. a saving on fuel is good fella. well on the find with the itg induction kit
  8. quick update droped the car off this morning to have a custom stainless steel exhaust fitted going for a 4inch thing its rolled out tail pipe with a mid sport note so hopefully wount rattle my brains out lol.. hopefully pick it up in the morning so watch this space for pics and a video of how it sounds. also waiting on a delivery of centre console panels from paint modz have done something I think is a little different to my rear lights but might not be to every ones taste. so hopefully I will update this week with pics.
  9. b4zz

    N600 ST

    loving the h.i.ds fella I agree with you should have come from the factory with them fitted
  10. b4zz

    N600 ST

    looking good dude
  11. b4zz

    Focus mk3 Ecoboost

    liking the car fella have recently got one myself in magnetic grey and added the rs rear spoiler,carbon fibre bonnet vents, carbon dipped mirror caps and washer jets,fitted a set of 18inch tarmac fifteen 52 alloys. got it booked in to have a custom exhaust next Monday also got a set of smoked l.e.d rear lights. look forward to seeing any updates you do.
  12. look forward to seeing the lights and rear reflectors tinted. shame about the exhaust but as said at least you got your money back
  13. thats good them as you dont want anything too raspy or asbo.
  14. that exhaust is going to make the fiesta sing nice mate. once its fitted if you get a chance could you post up a video of the sound please. well done on getting a great deal onit
  15. b4zz

    Black Edition Ecoboost

    the flaps look good and will halp protect the body work a little bit from grit and stone chips