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  1. Focus Mk2 1.6 2007

    looking good and like the pedal covers
  2. Jinjohs Race Red Mk3.5 ST3

    as said on another forum cant wait to see what you do and gloss black wheels would look great along side the roof and mirror caps
  3. yea any update please as can not wait to see the diffrence
  4. mk2 ford focus st225 headlining

    hopefully got a free weekend next week and weather permitting I am going to have a go at changing the head lining and piller trims over to the black ones. so cross your fingers fro me please guys
  5. looking good mate and cant wait to see some more updates when your funds allow
  6. D13HPD ST-2

    cant wait to see the rear pipes fitted and yeah they are mhosive
  7. looking forward to seeing all the colour coding when it done on Monday will make a big difference to the overall look of the van shame to hear its been in the wars but as you say the joys of using it every day.
  8. My MK7 Fiesta

    liking the eye brows
  9. Changing focus radio

    no i clicked on the link to all your how to guides then clicked on the installing a sony dab radio and had a error message saying sorry could not find that? but it all seem staright forward and I have ordered the sony six disc non dab radio and should hve it by the middle of next week then will fit it in and put up pics up before and after pics
  10. Changing focus radio

    cheers for the help stonney that's much appreciated
  11. D13HPD ST-2

    looking good fella and must say what a job you have done to a great car out the box and bet it gets some looks when your driving around. good to hear you have almost finished the project off
  12. As title I have the greyish radio think its the 6000 model non dab at the moment in my mk2 facelift focus zetec and just want to know if the upgraded sony 6 disc radio non dab will be a straight forward plug and play as in take old radio out put new one in as im not very good with electrics
  13. My MK7 Fiesta

    loving the bonnet vents gives it a much meaner look
  14. headlining from mk2 focus st225

    Thanks for all the help guys its much appreciated. yea I still got to get one large left side D piller and the boot trim but might go to ford and see how much they want. yes once I have done it I will hopefully put up a quick how to guide. hopefully I will get it done soon
  15. headlining from mk2 focus st225

    cheers for the help yunii. Take it I should not need the pipe so I can take that off then as it is soft? assume from you comment I will not need glue just remove all existing pillar trims,lights and the 2 grommets at the rear remove old headlining then replace with the st225 one fit all pillers,grab handles,lights and the 2 grommets and job done. sounds very straight forward I just need some nice weather now on a weekend so I can get it done and will post up before and after pics.