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  1. liking the sound of the plans fella and look forward to seeing the updates
  2. car booked in for a cat back single rear pipe 4inch slash cut custom exhaust on the 11th febuary so once I have it back I will update with before and after pics and hopefully a video of the sound
  3. cheers for the positive comments guys its much appreciated. Might go and get a price for a custom exhaust today and if the price is right I will book it in for febuary as I got a week off work then
  4. the fifteen 52s do look good and always liked them. Happy with my current indicator bulbs at the minute lol.
  5. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    WHAT this cant be true lol some one defo going to get a well looked after car. what have you got now then?
  6. yes here are the pics of the wheels this is the wheel before so you can see with the after pic how much better the new wheels fill the arches. also gone back to the standard rear lights at the minute so put in silver indicator bulbs to get rid of the fried egg look and bought a set of autobeam reverse l.e.d bulbs and must say they are bright bring the rear light up to date a treat. did try to catch a before with the standard bulb and after with the l.e.d but look better in the flesh. bottom pic is before standard bulb and the one above is after l.e.d bulb did buy a s badge from ebay that I added to the front grill. that it for the mo next on the list I want to get a custom exhaust just got to save again now lol also need to attach the front splitter from Maxton design when I got some spare time and the weather improves. Must say very happy with how the wheels have made the car look and glad I went for these as I was also looking at a set of bola B1S or bola B10S.
  7. quick up date peeps. got my wheels will hopefully get some picture tomorrow once the car has a good wash. so watch this space
  8. b4zz

    N600 ST

    looking good fella
  9. b4zz

    TDR|XTC's Fiesta MK7 R

    great project fella
  10. b4zz

    N600 ST

    happy Christmas and new year to you too fella. look forward to seeing the update
  11. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    looking good and your not joking about it needing a good clean
  12. liking the sound of the mountune 215pack and im sure that will wake the car up and change the way it drives and sounds for the better.
  13. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    looking good and loving the little touches
  14. b4zz

    Black Edition Ecoboost

    the mud gards will be a great add on for this time of year and will also help a bit to stop stones and grit from battering the side skirts too much.