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  1. ha ha loving the replacement wheels while your go for a refurb
  2. will do that at some point mate and have put my spare lights back on at the moment until I have some spare time to check the alignment
  3. cant wait to see these finished and one the door mate
  4. sorry to hear about the stone fella but at least the windscreen held and dident crack
  5. not to sure as when I used the lights at night some of the beam pattern was lost so not sure if it was the light brows or the head lights are missalinged. might have to have another look at them at some point
  6. sorry to hear you have had a few problums with the car but good you are able to sort them out your self
  7. what a diffence the other bumper has made. good to hear you in joyed your first show.
  8. b4zz

    Finally got a ST

    great price for your focus fella an the little fez st is looking good
  9. b4zz

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    loving the wheels fella set the car off great and great job on the clean up
  10. b4zz

    My MK7 Fiesta

    that's good then
  11. looking good fella
  12. looking good yunii liking the yellow stiching. as you say gives the interior a more luxury feel. was the arm rest cover easy to change?
  13. b4zz

    My MK7 Fiesta

    looks like you done a decent repair on the splitter for now until your new one turns up fella
  14. b4zz

    My Focus

    cheers for that and yea don't think I had any pacents ha ha.
  15. great job on the calipers and when they are painted it makes a heck of a difference. that other bumper will make a big difference to the front end of your car as you can see in the pics how bad the one on the car is