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  1. Focus Power Steering Assist Failure!!

    well i have sorted mine now............. i got a friend to clear the error codes then took it to a dealer and swapped it for a brand new zetec S, But on a more helpful note ford said they couldn't pin point the problem! is was costing me a small fortune to just find the problem!!! Then a friend of mine suggested a home mechanic who looked at the car and advised me to sell it due to a list of error codes longer than my arm, the guy knew his stuff and he had some amazing computer that ran tests and he got stuck it the old fashion way to!
  2. Focus Power Steering Assist Failure!!

    Mines seemed aright after some new fuses but it started flashing up again so she's booked in to my local ford garage on the 19th!
  3. Focus Power Steering Assist Failure!!

    Anyone got any other ideas? The steering seems to work fine for a while then just lock up? Thanks Scott
  4. In need of some advice guys, I was driving home and had the warning lights on the dash go off! then the following message "power assist failure" then my steering locked up and was crazy stuff, i really struggled to get to a safe place. I turned it off, then back on after five mins then drove some more because i was so close to home and made it to the last corner and it locked up again? i was looking around her for a while and finally discovered that the battery light came on which prompted me to look at the fuse box in the engine bay and there was a a badly corrosion fuse which happened to the the battery smart charging fuse? so i know in the 1.8 TDCI the power steering runs of the alternator not the engine belt, so would the crap fuse cause my battery to drain due to poor charging and there for cause me power steering to mess up? getting some new fuses tomorrow when the shop open! Really hope this is a easy fix! Any advice would be sweet! P.s my power steering fluid levels is spot on lol :)
  5. at the risk of sounding silly, why do you need a steering limiter?
  6. Another Ford Wheel Brace Destroyed!

    no idea, wish the nuts were better quality aswell
  7. Another Ford Wheel Brace Destroyed!

    thanks i like the look of that was a bit worried about buying more rubbish tools :) just hoping the garage will whip the nuts of for me, might even ask ford if im buying a nut and possibly a brace if they are cheap
  8. Today i was making the most of the nice weather and decided to take of my wheels and clean the insides. I haven't owned her for long so i have never taken the wheels of before. BUT my front driver side wheel is stuck on! the wheel nuts are so tight the focus wheel brace broke! so i dug around in my dads shed got out a sliding breaking bar and bent that! the old man had a go to but nothing, 4 out of 5 nuts still not budging. And on one of the nut caps rounded of when the brace broke, so not a good day of cleaning at all :( Anyone know if i can just buy a new nut somewhere for when i get the ruined one off? - is it worth replacing all my nuts on the car? Lucky wheel braces are a lot cheaper than i was thinking - good old amazon! Google has shown me this happens a lot, just wondering how people fixed theres! I'm planing on going down a local garage and asking them to loosen them with a air gun.
  9. need a new job so bad!

  10. Started the birthday celebrations early #desperados http://t.co/oNfdPLJb1v

  11. 6000Cd Mk2 Aux Connection

    top tip, thanks
  12. 6000Cd Mk2 Aux Connection

    is the code for the radio the sticker on the radio Manuel? is it 4 digits? thanks
  13. 6000Cd Mk2 Aux Connection

    . Righto thanks for that, OK im hopefully goning to get the cable to come out near the arm rest, any of idea how much ford will want for the cable (really want to do it tomorrow :-). )
  14. 6000Cd Mk2 Aux Connection

    i had a look today for these cables and i found the red/black block.... BUT i didnt find the white cable, what dose this mean? heres a couple of pics if what i found
  15. Anyone know someone who steam cleans engines? http://t.co/cAFcMmV5uA