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  1. Mk3 Fiesta - Can't Find Part

    Very good! Thanks man!
  2. Mk3 Fiesta - Can't Find Part

    Yeah, all is well now! Quite happy, only cost under a fiver!
  3. Mk3 Fiesta - Can't Find Part

    Sorry about not adding the photos! Twas a very busy day yesterday, though I do know now that the parts website has sent my part to me now! Thank you for helping me in this!
  4. Mk3 Fiesta - Can't Find Part

    Will do, small parts like this never seem to change dramatically!
  5. Mk3 Fiesta - Can't Find Part

    Thank you! I could possibly take a photo during the day of the adjuster, maybe post it on here tomorrow!
  6. Mk3 Fiesta - Can't Find Part

    Thankyou, going to take a peek at that now!
  7. Mk3 Fiesta - Can't Find Part

    So recently I took my 1994 Mk3 Fiesta for its MOT, sad to say after years of keeping it immaculate it failed. One issue was the emissions, which can easily be fixed with some easy to find parts. Now this is where it gets harder, the second issue was that of my passenger side headlight being misaligned, on closer inspection I noticed this was due to the adjuster going missing, unfortunately no one (mechanics, ford breakers, parts shops) has been able to help me with this issue so I have turned to you, the might internet people to maybe track down how I could get this part! Thank you.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums EthanIsAFish :)