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  1. Krievs92

    Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Air Filter Mod Help

    Hi john I've done the same thing with my fez. I too thought I could let it hang which in essence you can but you will have to buy a air filter for the end of it as this is the crank breather pipe. You do NOT want any dirt getting into that pipe or even anything clogging it up, as over time this will eventually blow your engine up!! And we dont want that! Here's a link to what I bought: This works perfectly!! Hope this helps you out!
  2. Krievs92

    Milltek Backfire

    Hi was hoping if anyone could give me some advice on my newly installed milltek exhaust. I have a fiesta mk7 zetec s, and just installed a milltek exhaust and was hoping It would backfire and make a bit more noise then it does! Anyone got any ideas on how I can advice this?? Cheers
  3. Krievs92

    Possible Damage From Bird Lime

    Autoglym paint renovater should help after using the Tcut, but wash the car first as the will remove any dirt/loose debris :)
  4. Krievs92

    Milltek Installation

    Does this look messy? Can I hear it up and wrap the cut edge around or is that not needed?
  5. Hi guys Have just bought a milltek exhaust and was wondering before buying a new rear diffuser, if it was possible to moddify the original one (cut out and mould the back to fit twin pipes) has anyone done this or know of how to do this if it can be done?! Thanks
  6. Krievs92


  7. Krievs92

    New Ford Fiesta Zetec S Drl's

    I've just bought some replacement bulbs for my side lights (which I have on all the time) which are LED blue/white, swapped for basic dull bulbs. Shall post pictures when i fit them this weekend!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Krievs92 :)