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  1. CHATZY Chat Rooms

    I've just been on to say Hello Flic and it worked for me :P
  2. My visit to the car breakers....

    Loving the number plate - glad you finally got it as know how much you wanted it!!
  3. Hello all

    Glad to see your all here :) Hyacinth is good - she's just done 7,600k now, in 7 months! Love her too bits!
  4. Hello all

    Hello, Long itme no speak. How is everyone, and more to the question, where is everyone!? I don't recognise hardly anyone on here anymore, have we all disappeared? Sorry I haven't been around much, I've been so busy with working and uni work. Hope everyone is all ok and enjoying their beloved Fiesta's :-) Poohbear/Emily
  5. Gutted

    Sorry to hear this :-( especially when you've looked after it so well.
  6. Well done my washer bottle

    Wow - thats impressive!!!
  7. Catch you all in a week!

    Think Felicity forgot to mention it's her birthday today too!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY XXX
  8. Catch you all in a week!

    Thanks for the text this morning Flic - she arrived safely in Spain, nice and hot!! Just what I wanted to know at 9am this morning at work!! :D
  9. O/T Focus RS

    I love the lime green and orange colour ones, they are something a little bit different! Absolutely love the VW Scirroco in lime green though, give me £24k anyday!!! :-)
  10. A little bit of MK7 oh my MK4!

    Just started a one day a week uni course while working the other 4 days and just been SO busy. Glad i've been missed x
  11. For the attention of DanGull

    That's a very clean looking car Michael. Anyone fancy cleaning the fiesta for me :(?
  12. I have my car back

    Glad to hear you have her back :D
  13. very scary moment

    That's Tesco car park which round here is awful, my Mum has had 2 cars hit her driving into spaces there :o Michelle - I know exactly how you feel about learners parking next to your baby, i try not to park near other cars, park on my own all the learners want to practice! :D
  14. 1st MK7 service - Have I been robbed?!

    My service will be free as the service manager just loves me because he never bothers to fix my complaints!! MOT for my old fiesta cost £800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where they fixed an oil sump incorrectly so oil leaked all over my parents brand new block paved drive!!!