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  1. Thank You, ill have a go lol
  2. Dont mean to sound difficult, but when you say prize it open, what exactlly? What bit? The squeez togeather sounds better but I dont know what im supposed to be squeezing :(
  3. Hi guys, im trying to get the pipe off the throttle body so I can install an airfilter but I just cant figure how to get it off. http://s22.postimg.org/xv8x2y72p/IMG_0478.jpg Can someone explain (as if you were explaining to a complete noob at removing clips) exactlly what I need to do and what ill need to do it. Sorry if this is a stupid question and thanks for reading.
  4. Reverse Gear Question

    Ok, I see, thanks for the info
  5. Reverse Gear Question

    Thanks, yeah I get the grind or it just wont go into reverse!! So annoying, makes you look like you cant drive >.<
  6. Reverse Gear Question

    Why do you have to wait 5 seconds before selecting reverse Gear? (According to the manual too) When you don't wait the 5 seconds, why does it sometimes not reverse but rather, make that rattling sound? Just wondering because when I'm parking in a carpark and I need to be quick, yet my car doesn't want to reverse forcing me to wait a few seconds, gets kind of annoying. Thanks guys
  7. How To Clean Fiesta Mk6.5 Dash

    Hi guys, is it okay to use 'Meguiars Ultimate Protectant Dash & Trim Restorer', i noticed that the dash has a textured feel to it so was not sure how to go about cleaning it. Is it okay to use the stuff on the outside trim also? Thanks
  8. Yay Picked Up The St-2 Today. :)

    I'm currently driving a mk6.5 1.25 zetec (1st car), if I drove a ST, I bet it would feel like a supercar.
  9. Car Radio Parts

    I'd like to know the answer to this, and to throw something else in.. Does insurance company need to be informed?
  10. K&n Panel Filter

    I may just get the K&N, Not sure if id drill it though, dont want to give insurance silly excuses for not paying out.
  11. K&n Panel Filter

    Thanks for the reply, tbh I'm not looking for power gains (it would be a bonus), if I can get a nicer sound then I'd be happy with that. but im not prepared to do anything with the exhaust or anything like that, its my first car so I don't want to be spending much on it.
  12. K&n Panel Filter

    Is there any point getting this on a Mk6.5 1.25 Zetec? Will it make any difference if there is no turbo? what if I get the air filter like this too: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pipercross-Air-Filter-Ford-Fiesta-Mk6-1-25-2002-PP1487-/260637892546?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3caf3a9fc2
  13. Help!! I've Messed Up My Front Bumper (Mk6.5 Zetec 1.25)

    Ahh man, excess, forgot about that
  14. Help!! I've Messed Up My Front Bumper (Mk6.5 Zetec 1.25)

    Also im guessing its going to cost me about £200 to get a new bumper :o Can I claim on insurance or is it not worth it, also do I have to tell them?
  15. Help!! I've Messed Up My Front Bumper (Mk6.5 Zetec 1.25)

    Hi, I removed the grill and saw the 3 slots, i tried to push it in but it wouldn't stay in (its not broken though). It seems like one side of the bumper has been pushed too much. I guess its when i have to reverse off the curb and it was pulling the bumper. I'm not sure if the bumper will need taking off and putting again!! Do you have any more ideas?