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  1. Car Audio Fitters

    Does anyone know any good reputable car audio shops or even one man bands for car audio installations? Location in/around Manchester / Bolton / Wigan. Thaanks
  2. Just buy them from ford mate, its about 100 quid for both parts of the diffuser of which the lower part comes primed. Did mine yesterday. J
  3. Ford Pcp Finance - Can I Paint The Alloys?

    I've got a HPA agreement rather than PCP but a clause in my agreement states; You must not make any modifications to the vehicle without our prior written permission except where you are required to do so by law. The vehicle must be returned to its original specification prior to its return to us, failing which any customised parts will become our property.
  4. What Colour Alloys For 2013 Red Zetec S

    The thing is with red and white... I think i would feel like a giant candy cane ..
  5. Good Morning, I like to modify my cars and I was thinking of changing the colour of the standard 17" alloys on my Red 2013 Fiesta Zetec S Ecoboost. Please vote in the Poll it will help me a lot!
  6. Modena Leather Seats

    My leather seats dont get hot or cold, this i found surprising myself. If you opted for the leather pack, circa £750 then heated seats will come as part of the pack. J
  7. Possible To Hand Car Back For Another

    I have been thinking about this thread over the last few days when I drive my ecoboost 125ps, I really can't understand why you feel the engine is labouring at 30 in 4th gear. I can put the car in 5th at 37+ mph on a flat run and even then only feel a slight shake / judder. If your referring to accelerating then I understand, as I would probably have to drop to 3rd. J
  8. Hidden Second Usb Behind The Sync Module

    yo, Does the second port charge usb devices? I appreciate you have discovered it is not live to the radio. If it does this may be a neater solution than running the 12v to charge. J
  9. I have the traditional stick to glass phone holster for my Samsung Galaxy S 3 however I just cant find anywhere to stick it without impairing my view and it being miles away from the 12v. I find the windscreen is too steep & small to stick it there! I'm not sure I can spend £40 on a brodit console mount either. I use my phone often as a satnav. Where do you guys tend to put your phones / satnavs and have you routed power to your phone neatly? JJJJJJ
  10. Titanium Ecoboost

    I dont have a ESP swich next to the start stop on my zs?
  11. Some Pics Of My Nice New Zetec S

    Hey, I too have the race red zs. Any chance of some night pictures with the different bulbs?? Will you be changing the fogs? Thanks J
  12. I recently purchased a Ford Fiesta 1.0T 125ps Zetec S and would be interested to see what Miles Per Gallon and Ecomode scores other Ecoboost engine owners were achieving (not just 125ps). The car is documented to achieve the following: Urban MPG: 53.3 Extra Urban MPG: 76.0 Combined MPG: 65.7 After ~150 miles, 50% motorway and 50% urban I have the following results: Average MPG: 42.9 Ecomode: Shifting: 5 Anticipation: 5 Speed: 5 I look forward to seeings what other owners are achieving. Jon *Edit: for those that dont know, for which there seem to be a few Ford Ecomode is accessible from pressing menu on the dash and enter on ford ecomode, you will see three catagories, for each green leaf coloured in the more economically you drive, 5 out of 5 being the most economical in each section*
  13. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Hi everyone, Ordered my Race Red Fiesta Zetec S 1.0T 125 on Sunday 24/3/2013 and picking it up this Friday! Cant wait, it has to be an improvement on my 0-60 in 14 seconds Civic! Pictures definitely to follow on Friday. Upgraded to 17" wheels Full leather (I find fabric is a pain to hoover/ clean) Privacy glass (not sure if this is standard or option) Protection Pack Comes with ford sync (standard at the moment I think) Full tank of fuel Paint and Fabric protection Red Vs White was a difficult decision, I hope I made the right choice :D Jon
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums JonnnyH :)