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  1. Hi all, i've recently bought a 2005 mk2 focus zetec and i'm somewhat underwhelemed by the standard audio system. Is it worth upgrading the 6000 head unit to the Sony unit fitted to the higher end models? and what is the standard speaker size? can someone reccomend a plug and play option that would give me a better audio experience. Thanks Adam.
  2. Reverse Light Switch

    Hi, the reversing lamp on my mk 2 focus 1.6 has stopped working. I've tried replacing the bulb but this hasn't fixed it so i assume the switch must be faulty. Were abouts is the switch located on the gearbox, how hard is it to get to as the battery and airbox etc sit above the gearbox? Any help would be great. Thanks Adam.
  3. Reverse Light Switch

    Ok so i tried changing the bulb holder today and it didn't solve the problem, does the reverse light run off a fuse somewhere? The cars going in for an MOT on Friday so maybe i'l just let them figure it out :P
  4. Reverse Light Switch

    thanks for your help. Adam
  5. Reverse Light Switch

    ok thanks, should be an easier job than getting to the reverse sensor i guess.
  6. Reverse Light Switch

    No, are they common to fail? The odd thing is that the rear wiper still comes on when you select reverse with the windscreen wipers on...
  7. Tyres For A Mk2 Focus

    Hi, Currently looking at replacing the tyres on my mk 2 Focus zetec as it has budgets all round at the moment and they don't inspire much confidence grip wise. What tyres were originally spec'd for the car when it was new? and can anyone reccomend a good set tyres for all round driving conditions.] Thanks.
  8. Hi, my girlfriends 1.4 fiesta is losing coolant, initially i suspected it could be head gasket failure as there was some brown gunk around the oil filler, however it dosen't have any other symptoms; it never overheats and theres no white smoke coming from the exhaust. Any common issues with this engine that may be causing this? Thanks.
  9. Hey everyone, i have a mk2 Focus with a rattly tailgate when going over a rough surface. It can be cured by putting tape around the striker plate for the catch but this wears away over time. Is there a permanent cure fo the problem? Thanks.
  10. Mk2 Focus Tailgate Rattle

    How would i go about doing that? Thanks.
  11. Mk2 Focus Tailgate Rattle

    no it feels fine, just it seems to allow the tailgate to move around too much hence the rattle.
  12. Air Conditioning

    The aircon in my focus dosen't blow cold, not sure if it just needs a regas or something more serious. I also experience no change in engine load/sound when i switch it on.
  13. Which Diesel Engine

    I currently have a 1.6 petrol mk2 Focus which i like alot, however a potential new job will mean that my mileage could increase drastically so now i'm considering getting a diesel. I'd like to stick with a Focus mk2/2.5 but not sure which engine to go for as there seems to be 3 different units used 1.6,1.8 and 2.0. Which is the pick of the bunch in terms of reliability and fuel economy. Thanks.
  14. Which Diesel Engine

    Oh right so they're basically HDI engines then, will keep a lookout for a 1.8 then by the sound of things.
  15. Which Diesel Engine

    Cheers, have you had any problems with it since you've owned it?
  16. How Many Mpg Do You Get With Your Focus?

    2005 1.6 zetec (100bhp) 32-35 around town, 39-42 on the motorway.
  17. Hi, i've got a couple of issues with my car (2005 mk2 focus 1.6 zetec) and wondered if anyone could help. First issue is to do with clutch, over the weekend i went down to my sisters (about 170 miles each way). Normally the clutch is fairly light, however i noticed after a number of miles driving on the motorway when depressing the clutch it was much stiffer, this only happened the first time it was pressed after that it went back to feeling normal. Second issue i have is there is a rattling noise coming from the rear/boot area of the car when going over a rough surface, i've had a good look around back there both internally and externally but can't seem to locate the source. Can anyone help me with either of these? Thanks.
  18. Mk2 Focus Issues (Clutch And Rattling)

    i'll just put it down to a quirk of the car then. I managed to solve the rattling today by wrapping some insulation tape around the striker plate for the boot catch, so was pretty happy with that.
  19. Mk2 Focus Issues (Clutch And Rattling)

    cheers i'll have a look, i read somewhere that the catch can cause the boot to rattle aswell.
  20. Hi, we recently got a 2003 fiesta 1.4 zetec for my girlfriend and i noticed it sounded a bit loud from the exhaust. Initially i thought there may be a hole somewhere in the system but on inspection the exhaust seems in good condition. What i did notice is that there only seems to be a silencer on the back box and no middle box which seems odd. Is this the standard exhaust setup for this particular model? Thanks.
  21. it definately had a connection at the backbox, i'll get it jacked up and have a closer look sometime soon.
  22. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    Checked for the bulb holders in my 2005 1.6 zetec the other day, I found them so ordered sume bulbs. I fitted them today and they work great, best cheap mod ever!
  23. New Brake Caliper Colour :)

    Cheers that does look good, i was expecting a much bigger arch gap!
  24. New Brake Caliper Colour :)

    I like 18's just think mine might look a bit like its on stilts as it hasn't been lowered at all.
  25. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    I'm an engineering student, i'm graduating in July so looking for a job now. I also work part time at Sainsburys which is erm fun...