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  1. monster1964

    2007 Focus Fault Code

    Situation now resloved. A genuine ford fuel filter fitted to the car. Now runs perfectly. The fuel filter that was fitted at service was not a genuine part. We found the fuel filter seal was a different shape and wasn't giving a 100% seal. A lesson here that getting non ford parts fitted doesn't always work out cheaper. Thanks to everyone who responded.
  2. monster1964

    2007 Focus Fault Code

    Again thanks for the advice. I was speaking with a friend of mine who had a similar problem after a service. It seems that the fuel filter wasn't a genuine part and when fitted the o-ring seal wasn't true and air was being sucked in. Same problem I am having since the garage mechanic stated that when he bled the fuel there was air in the fuel. So thats the next step.
  3. monster1964

    2007 Focus Fault Code

    Hi, Thanks for the responses so far. Will pass onto the mechanic. The car was serviced two weeks ago. The fuel filter was replaced. Just hoping the fault can be identified quickly and repaired without costing the earth. I am losing my street cred driving a nissan joke....oooppps juke courtesy car!!!!
  4. monster1964

    2007 Focus Fault Code

    Help required, I have a 2007 Focus 1.8 tdci. The car started on Saturday morning then cut out. An Engine Systems Fault message came up on the dash board. I continued to try and start the car without any success. Britannia rescue said it could be the immobilser but they weren't sure (the guy had been working 12 straight hours dealing with cars caught in the snow on Friday and I think he was on his last legs) so the car was taken to my local garage for analysis. A number of fault codes are coming up but the one that remains when reset is P0091. Anyone any ideas what this fault means? Thanks.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums monster1964 :)