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  1. Can anyone explain to me what this is about width and offset? So it looks like 195\50\16 should be OK?
  2. Thanks Willy! I didn't think of looking at the original specifications. I suppose my other question is... I have some sort of pack on the car, a sport pack or street pack or something - it has a little spoiler at the back and a lower front bumper than a standard titanium - I assume because the car has bigger wheels, they won't have altered any of the suspension etc? Will it look stupid - will there be a gap between the wheel arch and the smaller wheel. I suppose its only an inch. Also, what do you think about whether it will make enough of a difference to make the hassle worth it? That's a bit subjective I guess, but just wondered if anyone has any experience of either/both wheel size thanks
  3. Hi, I am just looking for any advice please. I have a 2013 Titanium with low profile tyres 205/40/17 or 18 I think. I have had the car for 2 years and am getting fed up with the uncomfortable ride. If I were to change wheels, does anyone know what would be the best/correct wheels size to have. I know it involves the speedo etc but that's where my knowledge ends!! thanks
  4. Any advice? I have had issues with tramlining on my 205/17/40 tyres on my new ecoboost. Just checked them re pressure and they were set to 45 all round. By the garage. The manual says 33 and 26. So its not just a bit different, its way out. Even for full loading its not as high as 45. Is there any reason they would have done that?
  5. New Fiesta - Safety Recall?

    My race red ecoboost has a rear bumper recall on etis. Anybody know any more?
  6. New Car Tomorrow!

    Hi aneres, looks just like mine! Exactly the same. Except mine is a 5 door. So not quite the same! Will you post if you have any issues with tramlining? I am having a bit of a mare with the car feeling quite unsteady on uneven surfaces.
  7. New Fiesta Ecoboost Steering

    rolling diameter? oh god I hope this isn't going to get complicated
  8. New Fiesta Ecoboost Steering

    maybe not...seems I can't post in the for sale section???
  9. New Fiesta Ecoboost Steering

    thanks bigmunkynutz. What size of tyres are on your car? I had 195..think it was 55 16 on my old car. Would I just be able to change the wheels and tyres over or would I need to do anything more complicated - no idea about this!!! Let's post them and see what happens...
  10. New Fiesta Ecoboost Steering

    thanks for the replies - I had a 2010 1.6tdci with 16 inch wheels and never had anything like this. I first noticed it when I had to cross the white centre lines on the road and drive along them it was like driving on ice. I think it might be the wheel size, profile etc. I guess its not going to improve I guess I just need to decide if I can get used to it - I just find it really tiring on a long journey to have to look out for every bit of road that might cause a problem. Do you think I would have any luck selling the wheels and tyres - to swap for a smaller diameter? I didn't "choose" the wheels - the car was already built and had them on. I asked on here and a few people did say the wheels might impair the ride, the dealer however said I wouldn't notice any difference. They would though....
  11. just been out for the first time today on a proper run with my car. Fiesta titanium ecoboost. Its now done 900 miles but most were short journeys. Today is the first time I have been anywhere I can get some speed up. Every time I go over a bump or pothole or where the road has been patched, so driving over the join, the steering seems to act as if the steering wheel has been turned sharply to one side and it feels not quite in control. Anybody else noticed anything? I have 17 inch wheels.
  12. is my radio display meant to look like this? When its off, as in when you turn the ignition off or switch it off with the engine running there are lots of little rectangles. Only when it finally switches off completely does the screen go black. Its like that thing when you press on a laptop screen and it goes funny. Not explaining this very well! All I know is it looks horrible.
  13. Fiesta Dress Up Kit

    anybody else have any thoughts on this - still waiting to hear from Ford CS - went and had a sneaky peek at the car last night - was meant to get it today but its not going to have its predelivery inspection till tomorrow - normal grille
  14. Fiesta Dress Up Kit

    Has anybody queried this with their dealer/ford??
  15. Fiesta Dress Up Kit

    Hi dave, yep I did think that, but the new price list starting today which i downloaded from ford, dated as effective from 1st April 2013 still has it listed, as have the previous two. Seems a bit weird that they haven't updated three price lists to reflect the change?