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  1. Car Not Starting...

    The fuse in now is a 10 amp. Cheers
  2. Car Not Starting...

    What number is it? I dont have the book with me. Cheers
  3. Car Not Starting...

    Hi thanks for the help its sorted now. The plug going to the actual pump inside the tank had MELTED and BURNT! You know like what happens to headlights sometimes, the fuse didn't even go. I got a replacement pump from a friend for next to nothing. The job was a lot easier than I though it would be only took a couple of hours to remove and refit on my own with axle stands when I got a good day.
  4. Car Not Starting...

    Ok so got the fuel filter off its not blocked. I left the output pipe for the pump dangling, cranked the car, no fuel came out at all. So I looks like its definitely the fuel pump. It's to wet to work on it today.
  5. Car Not Starting...

    It always runs on fumes, it has about 5 leters in MAX I'm hoping it's the filter.
  6. Car Not Starting...

    The hole under the seat isn't big enough to get the pump that way. I will check the filter when it stops snowing looks like its going to be a full tank out job. I will have to do it on my back with the axle stands too, done the clutch on my French car that way how much harder can the fuel tank be? Famous last words. Cheers
  7. Car Not Starting...

    Hi my girlfriends focus won't start. It's a 2001 1.4 zetec. I've checked for a spark, there is a spark. So I checked the fuel pump there is 12v going to it but I can't hear the pump working, is the pump audible on this focus? I disconnected the fuel pipe going to the common rail and cranked the engine no petrol came out, I'm under the impression that if there is no blockage and the pump was operating the petrol should be gushing out of the pipe when I crank the engine yes? Cheers
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Thewhiterasta :)