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  1. Stop Start Is It A Wast Of Time ???

    But why do you insist on leaving the car in gear with clutch depressed when in traffic? What do you gain?
  2. Stop/start Engine

    Just let the car do its thing. Your dealer is correct, it does depend on a whole host of conditions whether or not the stop start runs, certainly more than just the outside temperature. Normally I have found (assuming aircon is off) that by increasing the temperature inside the car sees the stop/start cut in, i.e. the engine switches off. Most likely it is sensitive to the speed that the fans need to run to reach the temperature you require inside. I've had it cut in within just a couple of hundred yards of starting off and then not running after a good long run - i'd only be concerned if it never ran.
  3. Hi, I won't be driving it much really. If you read my post you would have realised that it is for my partner, and, even though the car appears to be slower on paper, because the torque is the same, under normal motoring there will no difference. I agree that under normal driving you'll notice very little difference but the torque is not the same unless Ford have altered the spec. The 125 receives an overboost function which tops out at 148lbft. plus the additional 25 ponies which you can make use of :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums GazzaC :)