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  1. RT @RicheyRevol: People who don't drink tea or coffee should not be trusted.

  2. Hi chaps, Just wanted to post an update on the situation. The car has been with a local Ford garage for a couple of days and the technician advised me that the error code was actually P0420, catalytic converter not operating efficiently (or words to that effect). The car has had a new catalytic converter fitted and the engine management light is no more. The technician also advised me that if the problem really was due to the voltage supply from the battery or alternator then the battery light would have illuminated on the dash, not sure why i didn't realise that! The moral of the story is not to rely on self-diagnosis from the DTC fault codes provided by the dash, get the error read properly with a fault code reader before guessing what is wrong and splashing out on new parts that don't need to be replaced! Thanks for everyone's help.
  3. Microsoft's Weather app location search finds several Madrid in the US, just not the actual Madrid. You know, the capital of Spain. #wp

  4. A 5 minute break on Battlefield 3 transpires to be a 5 Gb game and system updates download over a shoddy net connection.

  5. Haha thanks mate, at least now I know for sure when the battery was last replaced I guess. Wasn't too much wallet damage at Halfords thankfully as I used the brother-in law's trade card :-)
  6. Thank you very much for your help chaps. There is a small Ford dealership near where I work so I'll try them tomorrow. Did I really need to change the battery then or have I wasted money there?
  7. Hi all, New Ford Focus owner here and new forum member. A couple of weeks ago I bought a 2003 Ford Focus Ink. Sadly the engine management light illuminated after a couple of days of driving. Using the self-diagnostic check in the LCD display showed a DTC code of 9318 (low voltage) had been logged. The battery voltage without the engine running showed as being around 10 volts and 13.5 with the engine running. I replaced the battery with a new Halfords calcium one (as per their website suggestion for my registration number) and the engine management light was no more. Sadly 100 miles later and the engine management light has illuminated again. The self-diagnostic check shows a DTC code of 9318 and a battery voltage of 11.8 without the engine running and 13.5 with the engine running. Please could someone help me to further diagnose why the engine management light has illuminated again when the battery and alternator appear to be healthy (to my untrained eye at least)? Many thanks in advance, Andy
  8. The latest Windows Phone update bricked my Lumia 900. Again. Another evening wasted bringing it back to life.