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  1. HI I have a 56 plate Mondeo ghia x tdci and have a strange problem with the dashlights. After driving along for a bit with the lights on (in auto) the dash lights will suddenly go very dim, you then cannot make out what speed you are doing or anything. Their is a click from the fuse box area when this happens and it doesn't always do it on every journey. The external headlights etc stay on when this happens and if you switch the lights off and back on again they come back on but this can be a pain in the !Removed! when your on a motorway at night. Any ideas ? Could it be the switch? or is there a reply that controls the brightness of the dash lights? Thanks
  2. Another Newbie

    Thanks Leonard and wow you have so many "how to guides" that's great. Will get some pictures up soon. Quick update on the motor. Serviced at the weekend including new.. Oil flush, oil and filter Air Filter Pollen Filter Fuel Filter One of the fog lights was cracked and luckily the previous owner had bought the part so got that fitted as well. See image ignore the toilet box i took it on, lol!! Had a go with the clay bar on the front wings but have up in the end it was too cold and kept going too hard to work with. When the better weather comes i will resume and get the polish and wax out too.
  3. Another Newbie

    Washed today and a new set of bosch wipers. Why do people let them get that bad. Service on Mondeo I think, if it stays dry.
  4. Another Newbie

    Thanks guys.
  5. Another Newbie

    Just want to say hi, i've just bought a 56 plate mondeo tdci ghia x. Love Fords have had quite a few to say ive just turned 30 Heres all i can remember G reg 1.6lx Escort G reg 1.6S Fiesta J reg 1.6S Fiesta X reg Fiesta zetec W reg Focus 2.0esp G reg Escort rs turbo :) R reg Fiesta ghia x 1.25 M reg mk1 1.8D LX L reg Escort 1.6 lx R reg mk2 2.0 16v ghia x 53 reg mk3 2.0 tdci zetec 56 reg mk3 2.0 tdci ghia x (Current)
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Yorkie2 :)