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  1. First Start Of The Day!

    Thanks Admiral, but mines a diesel unlike yours? So I added the diesel cleaner in quantity yesterday, sloshed it about and left car to idle for about 60mins, left overnight. Started as badly as ever, engine temp showed about 30 degrees on the scale. Also got the diagnostic to work thanks James and the glow plug LED is there and eventually ends up "behind" or covered by the fule guage. So no further forward, still feel its related to temperature, heater plugs or something like that. Dealer wants £80/hr to investigate and I can set a financial limit to their spend, no guarantees there then.................................
  2. First Start Of The Day!

    Hi, I cant find the diagnostic mode for this model of Mondeo, only those with a button to press for the mileometer etc. I have been advised to try an injector cleaner by a Ford technician and a diagnostic expert. There is a Ford bulitan relates to poor starting for this series of engine. It was 9 degrees this morning and still no glow plug heater symbol. Update to follow......................
  3. First Start Of The Day!

    All the conventional fuses are ok, those labelled F3/F4/F5 which are high amp and related to the glow plugs dont seem like conventional fuses and maybe covered with a plastic moulding. The warning light still does not come on either. Stumped.......................
  4. First Start Of The Day!

    I thought I had replied to the service question but cannot see it. Car is serviced regularily and maintained as per the manual etc etc. However the gloplug light did not illuminate this morning and the engine staggered into life. THought this was was the answer but checked with owner of C Max 2.0 and their light did not come on either. I will check the fuses at lunchtime...............its certainly the nearest I feel I have been so far , thanks.
  5. First Start Of The Day!

    Hi, thanks for your reply. The car has run today and therefore still a bit warm I guess. Consequently when turning on the ignition (its keyless - why?) there is no light on the dash that relates to the glow plugs i.e. like a pair of zero's or glasses. Will have to check in the morning I guess. Will let you know. Thanks again
  6. First Start Of The Day!

    Update, the last few days have been warmer and consequently the "misfire" while the same does not persist as long and today its 18degrees outside and the problem has almost disapppeared. There must be a sensor somewhere that detcts temperature and controls cold starting..........its beyond me. All comments would be welcome please.
  7. Hi I have a 2.0L diesel on an 11 plate. Very good car, done 86k miles and no problems until some weeks ago when starting from cold first thing the morning. It fires ok and for several seconds runs well but then develops a "misfire" and runs very lumpy. If you try an get the engine to clear by gently pressing the throttle it may run worse or even stall. After maybe 2/3 minutes the problem will apparently clear and drive on 4 cylinders but with a prnounced rattle when accelarating. As the engine warms up so the rattle will disappear. Fuel consumption and performance is good when warm/hot. If car is left for hours during the rest of the day the problem will not appear until the following morning. Left car in garage last night so it was warmer by 4 degees and problem was no where near so bad. Is there a temperature sensor that controls the cold start for example? Any other ideas please? Mike
  8. Quiet Idicators!

    Lenny, Thats a great idea, thanks. I have not seen these and at a tenner well worth a try.................. as long as I dont now break the mirrors getting them out to fit the displays . I guess like other cars the glasses just prise out? We will see. Thanks again. Mike
  9. Quiet Idicators!

    Oh well, I guess if its not a problem to others I must be going deaf.........................
  10. Quiet Idicators!

    I have a 2011 Mondeo Titanium 2L estate. The audible indicator warning inside the car is hard to hear at moderate to high speeds on motorways and consequently can get left on sometimes. Very annoying to others! Is there any simple easy means to increase the volume does anyone know. Is it resetable via a control system? Is it a relay as older cars? Any help could be good, thanks.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Lostinspace :)

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      Thanks, all my Ford problems solved, dont get problems with Fords do I hear you say