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  1. I see....well i'm gonna have a look at them, no harm in having a look, lol. Not sure i really like the look of those rally flapz ones.... I'll maybe temporarily attach them and post a pic....see what the general concensus is! :)
  2. Ahh right i see. Thanks for that! I've only just started looking but a friend has them - he bought them for an RS Megane - but never got round to using them. I don't want big overstated mudflaps - just cool subtle ones! And's really not in my nature to put anything on the car that doesn't belong there. IE badges etc trying to make it out to be sometthing that it clearly isn't! haha
  3. Hi there, Was just wondering if anyone has fitted Focus RS mudflaps to their Mk7 fiesta? (the neoprene ones) A friend has just offered them to me but i'd like to know if they look the part....and if they fit well? Thanks in advance!
  4. Just this one for the time being..... I don't think it does the car justice! I'll get some better ones soon....i've only had it since Tuesday! Delighted though - been looking for over a year!
  5. Good afternoon everyone! Just bought myself a 2010 plt, white Fiesta Zetec S TDCi! I'd been looking for one for over a year i'm sure....but finally - persistance has paid off....and i love it! :)