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  1. I've recently bought my 04 plate Fusion 3 1.6 (manual). Occasionally when starting off - either putting it into 1st gear or reverse - the gear just wont engage, until after re-shifting twice and thrice! This has happened at some very embarrasing times. Not only is it embarrasing, but potentially hazarous with the risk of rolling backward!! I've been told by people with Mondeos that they have this problem & is generally resolved by shifting through the gears to 'realign' them, so to speak. The car was only recently serviced and MOT'd and runs brilliantly apart from this. If anyone has / previously had this problem and could shed any more light then any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!!
  2. Oh there was nothing gentle about it!! Thankfully fixed now but what a mission! There's a garage just down the road and between me and a trained mechanic + many tools, it took probably around 30 mins! Lovely car but terrible fault! :)
  3. Hey all, another door pillar trim issue here! I recently bought my Fusion 3 with the drivers door trim already missing & I've just received the replacement part. I'm attaching a photo of the problem. My question is, the clips from the previous trim are still attached to the door, how do I go about removing them - if indeed that is what I should do!? - before I fit the new panel? Any help greatly appreciated! :-)
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