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  1. So our C-Max is due on 11th June. I have already ordered the Osram Nightbreaker Plus bulbs ready to fit on arrival. I'd also like to change the sidelight and number plate bulbs to canbis error free LED. Is anyone able to confirm the bulb type for the number plate please? Thanks Chris
  2. Just to add that Dodo Juice Lime Prime is abrasive, and Lime Prime Lite doesn't have the cut in it Chris
  3. Follow the instructions and you shouldn't have a problem. With most of them you never should let them dry, as it can potentially stain trim and plastics etc. Rinse VERY well too. Best not to use them in direct sunlight if I'm honest. How much time do you want to be spending maintaining the finish? Chris
  4. Before And After Pics

    The Britemax stuff has gained a great reputation, especially Vantage Chris
  5. Scratch Removers

    SRP doesn't have much cut in it, so will more likely fill than remove or reduce it. How deep is it? Chris
  6. Nice Clean Car

    Looking good and glossy there Chris
  7. They react with metal particles, dissolving them thereby lifting them off the paint surface. The bleeding effect shows where the contamination is being dissolved. WaxTec has one which is very good value http://www.wax-tec.co.uk/index.php/component/virtuemart/exterior/fall-off-detail?Itemid=0 Red Mist is a hybrid quick detailing spray / sealant. HTH
  8. Best Way To Clean A Car

    What paint protection has been put on? A sponge and chamois are no-no for the same reason, grit becomes trapped on the face of them, which you then move around on the paint surface, creating fine scratches. A wash mitt is essential, as well as two buckets (preferably with grit guards) and microfibre drying towels. And yes deep pockets too!
  9. You'd be surprised what is on the paint of a new car. Don't just clay, think about using a bleeding fallout remover too, as these will dissolve the metal fragments present. I had a brand new B-Max to protect, it was straight from the plant to the dock to dealer, but was absolutely covered in industrial fallout.
  10. Before And After Pics

    Nice result there Is that the 3M Perfect-It pads I spy there? Did he use the 3M polishes too? Chris
  11. Professional Valet Or Home Valet?

    I may be biased, but a proper professional valeter (not the hand car washes ) will have the equipment, insurance and techniques to get a better result. If you fancy tackling the exterior yourself, then just have the interior valeted so all your fabrics etc are cleaned. Then you can spend your time on the exterior.
  12. Well, Apparently You're Supposed To Wash Cars?

    A clay bar is designed to remove bonded contaminants from the paint surface. Even if you have just cleaned the car, if the surface feels rough, then there are bonded bits on the paint, http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/35837/best-clay-bar
  13. Engine Cleaning.

    And be VERY careful around any connectors and obviously the ECU. They weren't built for withstanding water under high pressure. To be honest I don't offer that service to my customers.
  14. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Mobile valeter with own company in Somerset
  15. Minor Exterior Detail Of The Wifes Ka Today

    I'm sure you can guess the forum I was referring to ;) , in no way was I suggesting CYC was like that. Thankfully there are some that are nice and friendly