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  1. Cars owned to date :- Austin Cambridge A60 1622cc, Austin Mini 1000cc, Austin Mini 850cc, Citreon Ami 8 602cc, Citroen BX17RD 1769cc, Citreon GS Pallas 1222cc, Citroen ZX 19 1905cc, Ford Focus Titanium TDCI 1599cc, Ford Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI 1499cc, Ford Zephyr V6 2495cc, Ford Zephyr/Zodiac 2262cc, Renault Megane dCi 1461cc, Renault Scenic 1.5 dCi 1461cc, Triumph Toledo 1296cc, Vauxhall Viva HB 1159cc, Vauxhall Viva HB GT 1599cc, VW T1 Cavavette 1192cc...

  2. Ford Focus Parts

    Hi Guys I am trying to sell a couple of F4 Sat Nav cards for a Myford Touch 8" MFT Touchscreen but when I click on the link I get server not found message ? so posted in General Ford Discussion area please advice ? Thanks
  3. MK3.5 Buyer Advice

    I love my Mk 3.5 with the 1,5Tdci 120, once it had done 10,000 miles, seems a lot more gutsy than my previous Mk 3 with the 1.6 Tdci 110 I think ...?
  4. Alternative circuit for single or dual Intensity Bulbs
  5. From memory the power resistors were 50 Watt 6 Ohm's, most car lighting suppliers have them Fizzmo, etc etc
  6. I put the Chinese sourced Cheese Slice ones into the lower blanked grilles on my Mk3 Tit, and could not get working at first it was a Chinese wiring problem where their RED wire is actually a Negative, not Positive and their Black wire is actually a Positive, they then worked but Hyper Flashed, so the next option was to fit power resistors as per attached circuit drawing, then they worked fine, but auto lights option, fooled them only use manual light option if fitted !!
  7. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    I knew nothing about this, until recall letter came from Ford UK on my 15 Plate 1.5 Tdci 120 car, arranged a time and date and booked into local Jennings Ford, took about 5 hrs including cam belt change, Invoice copy read £135.00 but free to me as was a recall...
  8. Disable bulb check with FOCCCUS 0.8.5 ?

    Thanks guys, I will follow both suggestions, when car and caravan are hooked up....
  9. Hi I want to replace all outside none LED standard bulbs, on my car and caravan to LED types as my car is fitted with CANBUS system, is there any way to go into FOCCCUS 0.8.5 system to disable bulb checks ?? which would stop errors being thrown up at me... 2015 Ford Focus Mk3.5 Titanium
  10. Focccus guide required

    Hi on a side note, I want to replace all outside standard bulbs on my car and caravan to LED types as my car is fitted with CANBUS system, is there any way to go into FOCCCUS 0.8.5 system to disable bulb checks ?? which would stop errors being thrown up at me... 2015 Ford Focus Mk3.5 Titanium
  11. 2015 Focus 100% Error Free Canbus Bulbs ?

    Jezza54 Thanks I will look them up...
  12. Hi Has anybody got a good UK source for the above at reasonable prices ?? I dont want to fit any ballast resistors, just plug and play install
  13. Hi madmole thanks...will do...
  14. Hi Guys Im looking for some guidance I have the above which has the Canbus system fitted and I want to change all my outside lights on caravan marker lights/indicators/brake and foglights as they will be connected by towbar electrics, what kind of problems will I have with car Canbus and how do I go about solving the problems, there is a relay in towbar electrics, but that is only to charge caravan leisure battery and to run fridge etc when on 12v hookup thanks in advance
  15. Ford Sync and Navigation Updates?

    I have just done the same thing, and got the same reply, how do we get updates from the Australian Ford Site ?