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  1. Fault Code

    Does any body know what Fault Code B119F means as I took my Fiesta for service,MOT and had the sat nav investigated as it was dropping when it gets close to destination and does not always pick up again just got the blue screen of death. GPS antenna circuit short to ground.Checked for updates which the dealer said there none and they cleared the code and sat nav is working ok now.Thanks in advance for replies.
  2. What do people do for work?

    I am retired.
  3. Time to put the clocks back

    I agree setting my Fiiesta clock is easy compared to setting my cookers clock,as do not use the cooker so turned it off and put my microwave on top of th cooker hob.
  4. Copper Pulse V5 Colour

    I have a 2013 TitaniumX in copper pulse and on the DVLA V5 document colour is yellow.Do not understand why!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Trolley Wally :)