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  1. Used to have the mk6.5 diesel 1.4 and that managed a constant 63mpg in the summer and 58mpg in the winter. now got the mk7.5 econetic 1.6 diesel and thats doing 68 mpg at the moment without trying to hard. always get over 500 miles to the tank without draining it to the red line. If i get really anal i can get over 75mpg depending on roads and traffic etc.
  2. What Bulbs To Use

    got bulbs the other day from my local discount auto parts shop £23 for the philips h7's. There is a difference but not mind blowing.
  3. Bp Fuel

    to say t You will find it's a bit more than just the additives. Yes the fuel comes from the same refinery but the cheaper stuff doesn't get as well refined, . It's all about the hydocarbons in the fuel, the shorter the chains of hydrocarbons the better the fuel and the better it burns. So you get what you pay for. I do 30k a year and the difference is about 50 miles per tank with a noticable response and acceleration from the engine. Used to have a corsa and that wouldn't start first time with any supermarket fuel and was fine with the premium brands.
  4. New Member With New Fiesta

    I'm going to be spending most of my time looking out so shouldn't be a problem but i guess i could get someone to have a look at it.if it still offends me in a few months time, my last car had blue interior so it just looks different.
  5. Hi Guys Finally made the effort to become a member after looking throught the posts for years. Had fiesta's from a mk1 which was my first car and used a ford in most of my driving life.. Been a driving instructor in Oxfordshire for nearly 15 years with a Fiesta being my most popular choice. The car i'm replacing is a mk6 zetec blue 1.4tdci that has done so well in the 5 years i've had it with now 135k in mileage. Today i took delivery of my new fiesta zetec 1.6tdci ECOnetic. Only driven it home and it was a real joy, handles lovely round the corners and the smooth ride has something to do with the 14" rims that look wierd. Only thing is the interior looks cheap full of plastic something i will just have to get used to. Look forward to adding input when required. James
  6. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Self employed Driving instructor for nearly 15 years, lost count how many cars i've used, Fords all the way, except for one rubbish corsa.
  7. I'm lucky as an instructor I get my students to do tyres and lights, opening the bonnet is part of the test so they check the levels (not oil as too hot) as well. Good to get in the habit of doing a visual check on the rubber each time you approach your car as you have the oppotunity of sorting out the flat while still in your driveway.
  8. Advice Wanted On Fiesta Mk 6.5 Tdci (1.4)

    Hi new here, been in the shadow's for years, Currently i have a 08 plate zetec blue 1.4 tdci, with the heated screen, power fold mirrors (one motor broken) and the real joy the sony stereo with blue tooth and aux socket.( no parking sensors) Done 135k in mileage with the injector seals being the only problem, £70 at my local garage and all sorted. Timing belt i think lust got done at 125k and the service is every 12.5k, engine still runs as good as ever but now a noticable blue puff on start up. Getting my new 1.6tdci zetec ECOnetic with the start stop stuff tommorow so maybe some pictures for you.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums James ADI :)