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  1. Wear and tear at what miles does.....

    My cabby had 60 k on the clock when I had her, it has recaros in it and the seat had started to split when I had it. I am only slight and even I rubbed up against it getting in and out. I suppose it depends on what seats are in it, where abouts you sit ETC. Hope this helps H X
  2. It's Official...

    You lot want to thank your lucky stars that its just spiders that you have they are really not that messey. i have new neighbours with pigeons, now thats messey!!
  3. Lop sided

    Hi, It hasnt been in an accident has it???

    Hi, I may just being thick, but is Drayton Manor still on? My cabby is now running after the re build so just need an MOT yipee. On the 1st November there is a firework display so we can all awww eeeh ooooh if the need takes us. What are the final arrangments??????? H
  5. mignulikz - Spamming PM inbox ***WARNING***

    I also received an email but couldnt access it. What a c**k H
  6. escort diesel - non starter

    Hi, Have you changed the fuel pump or has it come off the engine that you have put it? Have you tried loosening the injectors to see how much fuel is coming through? If its got a different fuel pump you wont get the immobiliser to turn off. Have you used the manual pump to pump out the system of any air. You could also try towing the car to see if it will start. Sorry if you have tried all the above, but having recently done a engine on a pug we were stumped like you are when it would turn over but wouldnt run. We put the original fuel pump off the engine back on and hey presto much joy. H
  7. Faulty suspension springs

    Dont give up keep fighting em
  8. what I do

    Sadly not i'm a happily married lady have been for a long time. Can you turn your hand to re building a cabby engine, I have recently transplanted a pug 306 engine and am trying to persude said husband that we can do my cabby too. We are more than capable but he is concerned that it may not run again (i am sure it will, I think he is scared I may kill him as I love my car but this is not the case honest lol). I will let you know if I win and how we get on, then it will just be a respray and we will be done ha H xx
  9. what I do

    Ha just looking at the birthday calendar ours are on the same day spooky!
  10. Help leaking cabriolet roof

    Hi, Halfords do a good two part cleaner and protector its about £25 but well worth it. Where is it leaking, if its a small hole on a seam you may be able to get it repaired if not its a new roof im afraid. They tend to go just above the rear windows where the roof creases from opening/closing and also at the bottom of the window just above the boot. If you get a new roof protect it straight away as hot and cold weather takes its toll on our cabby rooves. Good Luck H
  11. what I do

    Not called a lady often cos of the car thing but was last time I looked
  12. what I do

    good guessing on my part then womens intuition wish i could guess the lottery numbers
  13. Faulty suspension springs

    Hi, If you go back to around summer time on the Fusion section on this site there are pages and pages and pages were people have had the same problems with their Fushions with the year 2005. You might find it useful to have a look at what people had said, there was lots of talk of trading standards and watchdog etc and lots of lengthy arguments with Ford if memory serves correctly. H
  14. what I do

    are you a council worker?

    Nice van by the way, wouldnt do to well be me though too many speed bumps, nightmare H