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  1. Hi all. I had a quick search on here for similar problems but couldn't find anything in first few pages. I have an 11 plate focus sport. The window wipers work on their own. But if I try the window washer whether it be front or back, I get nothing. No wiper for the washer, no water, no noise . On my old saxo when the pump went , the wipers Still works. Does this sound like a fuse issue to you? What kind of fuse is it? Thank you!!
  2. Ford Focus Satnav With Missing Card.

    Sweet, thank you very much for the quick reply mate. I should be getting the car tomorrow.
  3. Ford Focus Satnav With Missing Card.

    I think that was the one yeah! So likely to cost about 45 for it then.
  4. Ford Focus Satnav With Missing Card.

    How can i find which one fits my model? He knocked a oner off the bill for it. Its a 2011 tdci sport. 1.6.
  5. Ford Focus Satnav With Missing Card.

    Its a 2011 focus. 11 plate. Apparently last of the model before the new one. Is it mk2.5?
  6. Hi all. New member here. Today. I signed to take a 2011 focus. But the bloke said they couldnt find the satnav card. And that theyre easily aquired. Is this true? Could i get my hands on a ford satnav card. Stick it in and have it work? Or is the unit useless now? Cheers for your time Greg
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums GregH :)