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  1. 35005CP

    2002 Ford Mondeo

    Any pictures or Video Tutorials on doing this? Thanks Andy
  2. 35005CP

    2002 Ford Mondeo

    The pads are okay at the moment. Can I do this now? Which rear wheel (Passenger or Drivers Side) is the manual adjuster on? and is it an easy thing to do? Thanks Andy
  3. Thanks Steve! Glad to be onboard!! :-)

  4. 35005CP

    2002 Ford Mondeo

    Thanks Steve. Will come in useful when I do the brakes when the weather cheers up. Do you know how to go about adjusting the Handbrake cable? The handbrake Lever goes high and still doesn't hold the car completely when it is on. Thanks Andy
  5. Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have some experience of Ford Focus. How do you go about Changing the Front and Rear Pads and Discs all round on a 2002 Ford Mondeo? Is it an easy job? Such as the Pads/front discs on a Ford Focus? Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Andy
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums 35005CP :)