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  1. Thanks for the above. I have Autoguard warranty (supplied when I bought it for 1 year) but wouldn't mind having a go myself if it's relatively easy because if it's just a bad connector/dry joint on pcb I'd rather try and resolder than use up what would probably be a few hundred pounds worth of replacement work. However a (non-Ford) garage told me the dash panel can be coded and may fail to work if removed and replaced. Can I assume he was being over-cautious and that this isn't the case?
  2. Sounds like the dash needs to come off. Sorry to sound ignorant but where do I go to find out how to do that? Is there a good aftermarket service manual?
  3. The centre display (the one with the Odometer/messages) on my recently purchased s/h S-Max sometimes gets vertical streaks which seem to disappear as the car warms up. One particularly cold morning it was completely blank for a while. Does it need replacement and if so is this a possible DIY job? Thanks, Lincoln
  4. I have a blown speaker on my recently purchased s/h S-Max It's in the nearside rear door. The first question is, how easy is the replacement? Getting door panels off previous VWs etc hasn't filled me with enthusiasm for the job. The second question is where do I go to get a decent one, hopefully an upgrade to the standard unit? I notice people selling them on ebay but they seem to use a retrofit 'adaptor pod'. Is this the way to go or can I do better for the £40 with a Ford part? Thanks, Lincoln
  5. I'm getting the 'Bonnet Open' message when it isn't and from a bit of research realise I may have to pull the alarm horn fuse soon only I can't find the fusebox. The manual doesn't show the location and opening panels in the boot has so far not helped. Where is it please? Thanks. Lincoln