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  1. I did swap - for a Skoda Octavia 1.6 tdi. I must admit, the mileage of the Skoda is close to 50 mpg - with quite a lot of town driving and short distances (and sticking to the speed limit). I would never get that from the Mondeo. However, handling is not as good as the Mondeo (or another Ford), so my next car will definitely be a Ford again. Oh, and the boot of the Octavia is nearly as big as the Mondeo's, but it is easier to park! Think I may go for a 2.0 tdci Focus next time. Thanks for your responses.
  2. Thanks for your answers! I'll to adjust my driving style and try to clear out the DPF and hopefully this has an impact on the MPG. Would tuning the engine be worthwhile? If there's only about 5mpg difference in fuel between a large Mondeo and a small Focus (engine size) in town, that's not worth swapping the car for - especially as I will be driving a lot when going to the continent. Am still confused, but it seems that regarding fuel efficieny there is no reason to swap.
  3. HI K13r4n, Thanks! I know the £30 road tax is a big incentive to swap, however, if I am getting just over 34mpg recently in the cold weather, I may have to think about it a bit longer. What's the car like on long runs? Although I do mostly use the car in town, twice a year I'm off to the contintent and am driving about 1000 miles.
  4. Hi all, I can do with some sound advice. I'm running a 2008 Mondeo Estate Titanium X 2.2 TDCI and as I am mostly driving it in town, the fuel bill is getting too high - so I am thinking about "swapping" it for a Ford Focus Estate 1.6 TDCI. Apart from the obvious reduction in road tax, does anyone have any idea about the expected reduction in fuel usage and/or maintenance? I was offered a straight swap for my Mondeo with a Focus Estate Titanium 1.6 TDCI (both cars are from 2008 and have done about 41,000 miles). Is this what I can expect if I were to trade my car in? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Kitte_Cat :)