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  1. Just got an ex BT ladder rack for my transit. does anyone know how to use them? i know you just roll the ladders on from the back but at present i use a ladder clamp in the middle but BT don't use these they have rope at the back that pulls the ladder and ties them down but how????? i've tried googling it with no joy
  2. Hi i have a 53 plate transit durashift only just bought it so know no history of the van at all but it's only done just over 60k the gearbox is a bit lumpy when changing up and down and when i go to slow down at roundabouts etc and then pull away before it's stopped it doesn't go into a lower gear it'll stay in 4th or 5th etc if i change it manually it's fine though has anyone had any of these problems? i've taken it to my local transit specialist who said change it to a manual ............ not a good response when i travelled 300 miles specifically to get an auto transit :~/ any ideas gratefully appreciated Steve
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums smitch6 :)