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  1. New Fiesta - Titanium X Pack

    Hi, I picked up my 1.6TDCi Titanium X Pack in Tango on 1st March. Stunning colour! The leather seats are dark gray, with light grey stitching. Lovely quality and smells so nice!. I disagree that some members feel that these leather seats need heating? With the climate control and air conditioning, the cabin is warm as toast within a couple of minutes. Enjoy your car. Always pick leather! Take care.... :P :P I am looking to buy the NEW (mk7) Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.6 VCT 120 with the Technology Pack, the Full exterior body kit and the Titanium X pack, giving a specification as follows: Fiesta Titanium 1.6 VCT: - 1.6 Litter engine - 120 BHP - Blacked out windows - Chrome in various places - Sea Gray colour with gray dash Exterior Styling Kit: - Full Zetec S Body Kit + Side Skirts (which are not included on standard Zetec S) Technology Pack: - Keyless Entry + Power Button - Bluetooth - USB for Iphone Titanium X Pack: - 17" alloys - ESP (Electronic Stability Program) - Leather Trim <------ THIS IS WHAT I'M LOOKING AT! What I am looking into particularly is the Titanium X pack... as it comes with leather seats as apposed to the "SOHO" dotted fabric as standard. I am told from the ford dealers that the leather seats are a soft dark gray leather with red stitching... but different to the "individual red" which is also available. However I cannot find ANY (and i mean ANY!) pictures of the leather seats in question. Can someone point me in the correct direction r take some for me to take a look at. I want to order the car as it will have to be factory built due to the unique options being added (to a total of £15,590) but I am apprehensive until I have seen the leather. Regards, JAR897.
  2. Hi, I have just discovered this website and after browsing through it thought it was very well created. So here aia am as a signed up member! I am awaiting delivery of my New Fiesta 1.6 TDCI Tiaianium X Pack, in Tango, on March 1st. So far I have heard nothing but good reviews and hope that I will have some happy motoring days ahead. Hope to hear from anyone who fancies a chat. Nice to be on board!