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  1. Help! Ford Fiesta Cutting Out

    Will do! ... Just got home from work and it did exactly the same thing on the way home but it's only on hills which is baffling. When decelerating everywhere else on a flat (i.e- traffic lights or stop junction) it's absolutely fine and idles fine. Just seems to be when i'm going down a hill slowing down it completely stalls but i'm able to restart the engine again after coming to a stop with no further problems!
  2. Hello!

    Hi there! Thought i'd just introduce myself as i'm a newbie around here and new to all of this. I'm Josh and I own a Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 which i've had for a few months now. Having a slight problem with it at the moment which i hope to get sorted soon as it's a lovely car! Cheers! :)
  3. Help! Ford Fiesta Cutting Out

    Thanks Clive, I will get this checked out. Hopefully this solves then problem!
  4. Hi there, I'm new to this website and signed up as i'm having a problem with my Fiesta Zetec and wondered if anyone could possibly help me out! Basically this has only started happening in the last 2 weeks or so. I had problems trying to start my Zetec a couple of Sundays ago, almost as if the engine didn't want to start. When i finally got the car going the rev counter was going crazy and I had to rev the engine to keep the engine going otherwise it would cut out. I finally managed to get it started after 3 attempts and it was absolutely fine afterwards. However the Tuesday after, I was driving along and the car cut out, the steering went very heavy and the engine light came on but only for a second or two and then went back to normal before I could even react. I was at this point going down a hill whist braking around a corner. It's been absolutely fine since then until today when I was going down a pretty steep hill. I stopped at the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill and when i stopped, the car completely cut out. The engine and battery light came on and I had to turn the key to start the engine again. When I did, the engine started fine and I was able to travel home (thank god!) Does anyone know what this could be as i'm very concerned this could be a very costly problem. The car is absolutely fine to drive and is idling fine but this problem seems very intermittent and seems to only happen when slowing down on a hill! Any help would be appreciated guys! Thanks Josh Car Details: Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec [Climate] 2008
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Josh2092 :)