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  1. Electrical Issues With Ford Focus And Radio Issues

    Yes its been in ford and iv told them so many times cuz it keeps going back. Now batt died they say even tho they put new radio in it worked when they fittedit. It did for a week n then exactly same started hapoening eventually leading to batt drain again. Now had to go to diff ford n they recon theycnt find elec faults so iv had to take it to an elec garage...total nightmare
  2. Electrical Issues With Ford Focus And Radio Issues

    Why would a garage not pick up on it then if its coming up as just battery drain on the diagnostics?
  3. Electrical Issues With Ford Focus And Radio Issues

    Also at the moment I can not take a picture as its in the garage in Swindon. The sterios is off constantly and has not switched on in months. But what is draining the battery...its drained it twice in 2 years but I keep saying its got to be to do with radio as even after having a new one its still doing the same. Ford have not helped me at all though which is the hardest part as I am not a car person at all. Now its going to cost me loads I bet!
  4. Electrical Issues With Ford Focus And Radio Issues

    Sorry totally new and could not see where it had posted. The other issues I had wa sthe heaters, the ford garage told me that was a wire so they replace dit. But seriously I have had constant issues and what annoys me is that ford replaced my radio when clearly this may not even be the issue as its not changed anything and just cost me to have to have anew battery and now go to yet another garage.
  5. Have had my focus style 1.6 petrol for nearly 2 years now, 58 plate with 60k on the clock. Lovely car but when I had it first the radio was playing up, it would go on when the car was off and locked up and when driving it would either switch on when it felt like an dnot let you turn it off or not come on and the face be totally black. Eventually ford said it was a faulty radio and replace dit as ut drained my battery. Whatever they did it has not worked, still have issues with raide, in fact its not come on at all in padt 2 months now and I went out to car a few days ago to find its dead, battery drained AGAIN. Taken it to be diangonsed AGAIN and AGAIN they say its a battery drain but they cant find where so now its had to go to an electrical auto place to be looked at. Its also had issues with other bits on the middle pannel and like the heaters and air con. I am sure there must be some electrical issue since I bought the car but paid £8,000 for it so I am obviously not too impressed but untill its fixed I cant get rid of it. I love the car but ist costing me way more than it should. Has anyone ever had any issues like this with the radio or electrical problems?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Debbie Thomas :)