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    St170 2004 Clutch Issue

    Hi there, I have a question about an issue I have experienced recently. I have a 2004 Ford Focus st170 and was recently on fast single carriageway road. I wanted to overtake a lorry so I dropped down into 2nd gear at around 4000 rpm in preparation. I then put my foot down until the rev counter neared the redline (can't remember if it hit or not) then changed into 3rd. Suddenly my clutch seemed to disengage and wouldn't engage in any gear despite what I was doing with the pedal or gear stick. I was left rolling toward the side of the road while still being able to rev my engine from idle. I stopped on the side of the road and noticed that my clutch pedal wouldn't go all the way down as if something was physically stopping it at the bottom. It still wouldn't engage in any gear (my engine was idling and revving happily independent of the clutch). A few minutes later, I tried engaging my clutch again. It sort of worked this time but only very slightly (The clutch pedal still wouldn't go all the way down). I turned my engine off then a few minutes later tried it again. Everything was now completely back to normal! Can anyone please explain this. I find it very confusing. Why would my clutch feel physically damaged and not work but them seem completely fine a few minutes later? I need to know if this is something that might return or something I need to get fixed before it really does some damage. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tom
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Tom_1990 :)