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  1. Space Saver Spare Wheel ??

    Very many thanks to Lenny and FOCA for the replies. Now I have something to go on and the years and car type to look for. I may have seen one of these today on an accident damaged car. Looked like an " Artillery Wheel " had five studs and the tire ( about 135 size in width ) was clearly marked as " Spare Tyre " in large lettering. Many thanks again for all the replies, Pauline.
  2. Space Saver Spare Wheel ??

    Hello again. I am now told ( on another forum ) that Mondeo's were once issued with a lightweight steel space saver rim, fitted with a full size tire. Does anyone remember these and if anyone still has one of these ( perhaps in the back of their garage ) I would be grateful to hear of it? Thank you. Pauline.
  3. Remote Operation Garage Door ??

    Hello. Does anyone here have fitted or have any experience of, the Hormann Promatic AKKU operating system please? Thank you, Pauline
  4. Hello. Can anyone please advise if Ford ever issued a GENUINE Space Saver Spare Wheel with any of their passenger cars? When I say " genuine " I mean " genuine ", not a normal wheel of a smaller size than those fitted to the car. Thank you Pauline.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums PaulineTT33 :)