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  1. I will first have available money around 13 june, i guess that's a bit to late :P
  2. Oh man, to bad i'm norwegian :( Would love to buy it lol :p
  3. Hello, new here at ford owners club :) So hi everyone at the focus section! I have some fast questions before i order new headlights from a norwegian store for around 200£ or should i maybe just order some cheaper from ebay for 140£ (with included shipping and import fee) But im not sure, i have no experience with changing lamps in the front or buying from ebay. So was thinking maybe someone here have experience. Anyways here is the lamps i was thinking of ordering from ebay. Or do anyone have any recommendations ? Sorry if iv posted this at the total wrong place ^^ -Torbjørn
  4. Kelgan

    My old cars

    The mazda 626 glx before and after crash, and the little 1999 ford focus 1.4 that i sold
  5. Kelgan

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    My current car, Ford Focus 1.6 ghia 101HP
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Kelgan :)