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  1. Newbie With Trouble, 05 Tdci 1.8 Overheating?

    With the heater on hot the valve in the heater opens and lets the coolant through the internal 'radiator ' thus pushing all the excess air out of the system then the coolant completes its cycle returning to the header tank .
  2. Engine Rattle 1.8Tdci 2007

    No problem mate
  3. Engine Rattle 1.8Tdci 2007

    Well I do apologise but only trying to help
  4. Engine Rattle 1.8Tdci 2007

    Is the noise not coming from the alternator ? Could be bearing on its way out ?
  5. Focus 1.8 Tdci 2009

    Check anti roll bar bushes I had similar problem
  6. Hi it could be gearbox mount causing the noise and vibration or the cv joint damaged when doing the work .
  7. Knock From Front End

    I had similar noise and it turned out to be broken front spring at top and I never knew until it was mot'd .
  8. Starting Problem?

    Hi , my mate had similar problem and it turned out to be a faulty sensor that had been causing the trouble.
  9. Buying Help Focus

    Hi Dave , I have had my focus 1.8 diesel for 10 years now and when I bought it the mileage was 40k now it's 120k . It's been serviced every year and the only problems I've had are; 1- two alternator belts 2- clutch replaced at 110k miles at a cost of £450 ( not mass fly wheel) 3- new front springs £60 4- rear shockers £50 That's the only problems I've had in 10 years , still on same exhaust , battery, glow plugs , injectors and it starts 2/3 turn of the engine every time with very very little smoke . It still cruises at motorway speeds and pulls like a workhorse . Hope this helps
  10. Advice On Buying A ~2004 1.8 Tdci Focus

    Hi , 1- I would look out for the clutch pedal going high up before the clutch bites because new clutch is somewhere in region of £450-£700 depending on which clutch/ flywheel it as . 2- check front springs mine broke at 60-70k with it being diesel they take a lot of strain. 3- same with shockers 4- try to get one that has been regularly serviced because my 13 year old 1.8 tdi has never let me down and it's on 139000 miles with a regular service. 5- when you go to look at the car ask the owner not to run it before you get there so you can see how it starts from cold.with mine it starts on the second/third turn no problems even when temp was -10 . 6- I was advised to change my cam belt at 50k so just check its been done as mentioned by jg321. Good luck they are a very nice reliable car if they have been looked after
  11. Total Power Loss At High Revs

    Hi have you replaced the fuel filter ?
  12. Thanks for your reply Andy I am definitely edging towards the ecoboost now so I will let you know what I think of it .
  13. Engine Systems Failure 1.6 Tdci

    The regen process for the dpf happens when the filter gets really hot (motorway driving 20-30 mins) and in doing so it burns off all the bad bits it as collected thus cleaning itself . If it never gets hot enough then you run the risk of all the bad bits blocking the filter and causing power loss due to the fact exhaust gases can't get through filter so choking the engine . This is what I'm told could happen and like I said I'm just passing on info hopefully correctly if not then I hope someone corrects me.
  14. Engine Systems Failure 1.6 Tdci

    The dpf I'm told by my local ford dealer sits between the engine block and the outlet manifold and collects all the bad bits of diesel gases the engine chucks out . It normally cleans itself but only if you get the engine up to normal temperature for approx 20-30 mins on a motorway and you need to do that once a week I'm told . So if you just doodle about town all the time the filter will eventually get blocked and the engine goes into limp mode . Like I said my local ford dealer told me this so if I'm wrong I apologise.
  15. Hi Andy , I'm getting a new focus soon but I'm still unsure which one (1.0 125 or 1.6 tdi) . I'm favouring the 1.0 my only concern apart from mpg is reliability because its a big car small engine set up . Now to my points , 1- would you recommend the 1.0 over the diesel for driverbility ? 2- have you noticed the engine straining at all ? 3- does the engine still feel solid and happy now you've had it a while ? Thanks for any advice given