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  1. In life you have a very slim chance in everything you want to do,but all you can do is try, and if you succeed reap the rewards, keep trying

  2. So many pedos out there

  3. And my !Removed! is like a chair 🎧

  4. Network 3 is the best network, my iMessage is still working wot wot 🙋

  5. Been working for 7hours, only have another 4/5 to go how fun

  6. Is it possible to miss someone so much it hurts?

  7. Do not depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.

  8. These niggas think its funny to put my window wipers up @lewisholt_ @conconnelly_ watch your back bro ;)

  9. I'm sorry to disappoint those who have !Removed! grammar, but your tweets make no sense, you should give up

  10. It's safe to say I'm not the only one to complain about life

  11. So unfortunately my right brake discs have woe but have done damage to my discs so that needs repairing to, I've searched a few places but I just want to know where I can get normal brake pads and discs for the front , cheap and reasonable if possible and also the price guide of the labour work, thanks
  12. image

    Driving on footpath Xenon headlights
  13. Treasure every moment🙋

  14. I'm way too hyper at night

  15. Becoming a gymaholic!