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  1. Derby

    Tonight pride park 19.30 pal derby mod meet
  2. Derby

    The meet has been canceled guys but there is a all car meet at pride park derby
  3. Meet Happening In Derby

    Hi guys this meet is canceled as there is two outher meets on in derby
  4. Midland Meets

    right that meet has been cancelled boy but wait I have arranged a meet instead https://www.facebook.com/events/479659938776504/ follow this link and all the info is on there Cart do this date as there is two other meets happening sorry guys not sure when now but we should not give up lol
  5. Derby

    London Road, Shardlow DE72 2GL, United Kingdom The clock wear house Next Sunday 9/6/13 about 12 all fords welcome
  6. Midland Meets

    Not sure yet as there still confirming but I think we're at 20 ish now
  7. Midland Meets

  8. Midland Meets

    Next Sunday the 9/6/13
  9. Midland Meets

    https://www.facebook.com/events/651985051483165/ follow this link
  10. Midland Meets

    Got one going lads and ladies of course Hope to see u all there
  11. Midland Meets

    Near me there is Asda car part witch on a Sunday is empty with a pub on it and also quiet on a sat day if we use the rear carpark witch is closer to the pubs beer garden
  12. Midland Meets

    I have put posts on all of the ones I no ok boys
  13. Midland Meets

    Going to tri and sort some numbers for tomorrow