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  1. Hello

    Welcome to the forum im new too but everyone seems really friendly and really helpful should you need advise.
  2. Dremel Modding Tool

    Machine Mart do one thats made by Clarke that takes Dremel attachments. Great bit of kit if its used properly. I use one for polishing the ports up on heads when they are off, and various other jobs. On plastic use at low speed or it will melt the plastic rather than sand it to shape.
  3. Ignition Barrel

    Just be careful tapping into lighting circuits depending on the age of the car can bring up bulb replacement lights (like when you fit a towbar without control box) Ford already has a fibreoptic system designed for later vehicles and you cant tap into that.
  4. How Do You Take Paint Lines Out

    2000 grit wet and dry, very lightly to remove the paint step, then G3 compound or T-cut, then finally give it a good polish.
  5. Heated Seats

    I have fitted a few sets of aftermarket heated seats that have been supplied by my customers but none of them are anything like as good as factory. look for a smashed up fiesta or focus and have elements wired in but put them through a relay not a fuse its safer.
  6. Hello There :)

    From a fellow newbie a big hello and welcome to what seems to be a great forum and owners club.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums customconnects :)